Seamlessly Combine Performance
with Style and Convenience


Based in San Francisco Bay Area, Ashley Chloe caters to fashion-forward individuals who crave sleek digital wearables designed expressly for their modern lifestyle. With its world-class product design and engineering teams, it bridges the gap between high fashion and functional form. 

The Helix Cuff™ is its flagship wearable product. As the world’s first wearable with extractable Bluetooth® headphones on your wrist, in a sleek form, the Helix Cuff™ ensures that fashion and tech are always at hand. The Helix Cuff™ solves the problem of dealing with tangled and easy to lose headphones in a fashion-forward way.


The Blend of Style and Technology


Our team reflects the blend of style and technology that is Ashley Chloe. Our core team includes ID designers and engineers who hail from Nokia, Nest, GoPro, IBM, and Lenovo; marketing and branding gurus in fashion and consumer electronics; and hardware and software experts with deep supply chain expertise.


Angela Pan
Founder and CEO

Serial Entrepreneur and Former Angel Investor

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