Join Our Monthly Giveaway for $100!

Find it at the back of the user manual.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Participants can enter the Monthly Giveaway by Ashley Chloe either by signing up on or by sharing a picture of you and your Helix Cuff on Instagram with #AshleyChloe and #HelixCuff.
2. Enter the giveaway with your Helix Cuff Serial Number. Each Serial Number can enter the Monthly Giveaway by Ashley Chloe Inc. once.
3. Entries on and Instagram from the same participant will be counted as one entry. If participant enters from Instagram, s/he will need to provide the Serial Number to prove the purchase of Helix Cuff once selected as winner.
4. Ashley Chloe Inc. will announce the winner at the beginning of every month.
5. The monthly winner will be selected based on a random selection basis. Prize will be delivered to the monthly winner either by mail or electronically. Winners will need to provide mailing address and contact details to Ashley Chloe Inc.
6. When providing Ashley Chloe Inc. your email and personal information, we may send you information in regards to upcoming promotions or newsletters.
7. Monthly prize includes either USD$100 gift card or equivalent prize. Ashley Chloe reserves the right to change or modify the rules of this giveaway at any time without notice, and to make the final decision.
8. Only 18+ or above is eligible for Monthly Giveaway by Ashley Chloe Inc.