Innovative Modular Design

FUSE is designed to be carried, charged, and connected in different wearable forms. FUSE consists of two cordless earbuds that fuse together via a connector to create a pill shaped module. The standalone pill shaped earbud module can then be placed in a multitude of accessories that fit our user’s lifestyle. With infinite expandability, FUSE meets the desires of a very diverse market.


Not Your Typical Earbuds

Ashley Chloe is the first to use ceramic on it's FUSE earbuds. This improves the Bluetooth connection and enables superior sound quality while providing a waterproof and shiny mirror finish. FUSE earbuds are powered by a high-density battery and ultra fast charging. 15 minutes of charging will yield one hour of music/talktime. FUSE earbuds are adaptable to compatible products because of the expandability of modular design and they come with an AI-enabled smart assistant app.


Infinite Expandability


Fashion and function are always at the forefront of Ashley Chloe's innovation ideas. Users are offered wearable versatility with compatible earbud accessories that include pendant, bracelet, and chargeable case forms. With fashion-forward wearable choices, users can personalize their earbuds experience like they never have before. Because what users wear is so personal, Ashley Chloe's wearables are designed to fit with any style. A clean, minimalist design theme thinks to not only what is in style today, but will be in style for years to come.