Request A Helix Cuff Gift Card


We are sorry to inform you that due to manufacturing delay, we are not able to ship your Helix Cuff before Christmas. The best case scenario would be in late December, but we'd say it's better to set your expectation to January.

The holiday seasons is here, if you need a "Helix Cuff Gift Card" and present that to your loved ones during the holidays as an alternative, please fill out the form below by December 11, and we will send you a gift card with our holiday greetings before Christmas. With the gift card, your loved ones can redeem the Helix Cuff from our website directly.

The gift card transfers the ownership of your order or a portion of your order to the recipient of the gift card. A gift card can only redeem one Helix Cuff and each gift card has a unique identifier. If your order consists of more than one Helix Cuffs, you can request for multiple gift cards. To redeem the Helix Cuff, the recipient of the gift card just needs to simply follow the instructions on the card to enter their shipping address on our website. We will ship the Helix Cuff to the recipient of the gift card directly.

This request form has ended on December 11.