A Revolutionary Blend

Making Wearable Tech Fashion-Forward


Fashion and functionality are the principles on which the Helix Cuff was created. The Helix Cuff was designed for people who are always on and always in style.  We created this innovative wearable knowing that the human wrist is valuable real estate. Our designers paid a lot of attention to the quality of the aesthetics and materials and created a design that looks sleek and stylish, feels comfortable, and cleverly hides its technological power. While many of the wearables on the market lack a fashionable aesthetic, the Helix Cuff is undoubtedly in style.


Our Chief Designer

World-class ID and Mechanical Designer

Our designers come with an incredible background in product design. With resumes full of impressive projects and world class companies, they’ve come to Ashley Chloe to create the latest in wearable tech. Mika Nenonen is the Chief Designer of the Helix Cuff. He is a former lead industrial designer at Nokia and Nest and won over 20 prestigious design awards including IF Design Gold Award, IDSA Gold Award, and Red Dot Design Award. His portfolio contains truly pioneering icons, from the Nokia N9, Lumia, to the Nest thermostat. With Mika and the rest of our team, Helix has become a wearable that’s truly amazing.


Innovative Cuff Design

The Helix Loop


It’s the loop design that makes Helix one-of-a-kind. Because you’ll will wear the headphones on your wrist, size is an extremely critical factor. This gave us lots of design constraints, but at the same time, constraints are fundamental for design and they push us to be more creative. Our designers worked through multiple prototypes to find the perfect look that would enable portability. It’s thinnest right below your wrist, so that you can rest your arm on a table normally. This was one of the main drivers for the Helix Cuff’s design. The unique looping design of the Helix Cuff allows you to wrap the connecting cord for the earphones into a groove on the cuff when the headset is not in use. A tiny cache on the cuff provides a convenient place to put the earphones. This compact concept is another part of what makes the Helix Cuff extraordinary.

The Headphones

Incredibly Small and Unforgettably Powerful


The Helix Cuff’s earbuds use high quality 8mm-D speakers to ensure high quality sound. The control unit of the earbuds has a curvy shape that perfectly follows the curvature of the cuff. The Bluetooth earbuds also come with a mic and smart call control functions. The Helix Cuff will fit in with the flow of your life. Switching over from listening music to taking a call is seamless. This ease of use makes this wearable incredibly convenient. Helix is designed to make the headphones look natural when in use. Measured to the perfect length, the headphones are short enough to wear on your wrist and long enough to comfortably sit in your ears.

Diameter 8 mm High-quality Speaker
Diameter 10 mm Minimalist Earbuds

Cuff Sizing

The Perfect Fit


We made Helix so that it is flexible enough to fit on any size wrist. A neodymium magnet on one side of the loop connects with the other side to adjust to your wrist size. It takes seconds to slip on and fit any wrist. That’s just part of why we love Helix’s loop design. this sleek style makes the Helix easy to wear. The unique looping design of Helix also allows you to wrap the connecting cord for the earphones into a groove on the wrist cuff when the headset is not in use. The cuff goes above and beyond to be both usable and comfortable.

Minimum 5.9" Cuff Circumference
Maximum 7.5" Cuff Circumference

State of The Art Materials

What Makes Up the Helix Cuff


The material of the cuff is hypoallergenic and will not cause irritation. The earbud compartment on the cuff is made out of stainless steel with PVD coating on the surface. The stainless steel provides a rigid structure to hold the earbuds inside of the housing. It also adds just the right amount of weight to deliver the premium user experience of wearing a durable and valuable accessory. The PVD coating provides a mirror gloss effect which is an important aesthetic element for the design story. The top cover of the control unit is also made out of stainless steel with glossy mirror-polished finishing.

Stainless Steel Earbud Compartment
PVD Mirror-Polished Coating

The control unit is very small, so we needed to carefully design the mechanical structure to fit the circuit board and battery, achieve the halo-light effect, and meet the IPX5 water resistance standards. All of this comes together to create an amazing wearable tech accessory.


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