The Headphones

Incredibly Small and Unforgettably Powerful


The Helix Cuff’s earbuds use high quality 8mm-D speakers to ensure high quality sound. The control unit of the earbuds has a curvy shape that perfectly follows the curvature of the cuff. The Bluetooth earbuds also come with a mic and smart call control functions. The Helix Cuff will fit in with the flow of your life. Switching over from listening music to taking a call is seamless. This ease of use makes this wearable incredibly convenient. Helix is designed to make the headphones look natural when in use. Measured to the perfect length, the headphones are short enough to wear on your wrist and long enough to comfortably sit in your ears.

Diameter 8 mm High-quality Speaker
Diameter 10 mm Minimalist Earbuds