State of The Art Materials

What Makes Up the Helix Cuff


The material of the cuff is hypoallergenic and will not cause irritation. The earbud compartment on the cuff is made out of stainless steel with PVD coating on the surface. The stainless steel provides a rigid structure to hold the earbuds inside of the housing. It also adds just the right amount of weight to deliver the premium user experience of wearing a durable and valuable accessory. The PVD coating provides a mirror gloss effect which is an important aesthetic element for the design story. The top cover of the control unit is also made out of stainless steel with glossy mirror-polished finishing.

Stainless Steel Earbud Compartment
PVD Mirror-Polished Coating

The control unit is very small, so we needed to carefully design the mechanical structure to fit the circuit board and battery, achieve the halo-light effect, and meet the IPX5 water resistance standards. All of this comes together to create an amazing wearable tech accessory.