Company Overview:

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ashley Chloe Inc. is the fastest growing company in fashion tech. Here at Ashley Chloe, we envision a world where fashion and technology are seamlessly fused to reflect individual taste and lifestyle. With its world-class product design and engineering teams supported by industrial leaders from Google, Nokia, Lenovo, GoPro, and Nest, Ashley Chloe continues to bridge the gap between high fashion and functional form. Ashley Chloe designs, manufactures, and sells fashion tech and consumer electronics products with multiple brands and product lines. Ashley Chloe’s products have been recognized by the Red Dot Design Awards and the CES Innovation Awards as well as major media including Forbes, Mashable, USA Today and more.

Work at Ashley Chloe:

Ashley Chloe consists of a small, comprehensive team working to bridge the gap between high fashion and functional form. Our team spans multiple disciplines including hardware, product design, e-commerce and brand management. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to achieve incredible things. We are creative and always looking to learn new things. We are a close team inspired by a shared vision. We work fast and we collaborate. Each one of us is a self-starter and we believe that every member of our team should share in our success.



When I am not working, I am traveling somewhere around the world. My favorite countries are Croatia, Portugal, Vietnam, and Thailand. If you ever need a tour guide, let me know! :)

- Loretta Le, Customer Support / Operations


'My favorite color is light tan. My favorite animal is puppies'...I also enjoy frequenting beaches, gyms, sales, and places with good food/music.

- Paula Taas, Marketing Manager


Powered by: Salmon, Fiji Water, and Rose GOLD everything…

  • I'm / I'd / I'll...

equal parts problem solver and writer / rather Travel / need a Vacation Soon!

  • I only dance to...

N/A (I’m rhythmless)

  • I eat...

All things from the sea; except plastic and dirt

  • I drink...

Tequila(always), Corona(with a lime)

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  • I would bring...

The Party

- Raashida Avery, Operations & Support Manager : DC-> San Francisco