Kickstarter Backer Shipping Information Request Form

We have fulfilled all Kickstarter rewards for the ones who have responded to our survey and the ones whom we have the shipping address on file. For those who may be reading this and are wondering why you still have not received your Helix Cuff yet. We will be fulfilling the remaining Kickstarter rewards once we received your shipping information, we will need your response to confirm your personal information before we can make the arrangement. Please fill out the form below.

To find your backer number, 1) Log in to Kickstarter 2) Visit our campaign page on Kickstarter 3) Click "View pledge" and find your back number at the bottom of the pop-up panel.
Color Selection
If you have pledged only ONE Helix Cuff, select your color here.
If you have pledged TWO Helix Cuffs, select the color for your 2nd Helix Cuff. If you have pledged only ONE Helix Cuff, select N/A.
Shipping Information