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Company Name: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Brand Name: Ashley Chloe®

Product Title: Helix Cuff™: Fashion Wearable with Smart Wireless Headphones

Product Description: The Helix Cuff™ is a one of a kind design in the wearables space with Bluetooth® technology that makes it a perfect solution for the iPhone 7’s removal of the headphone jack. The fashion wearable wrist cuff with extractable smart wireless Bluetooth® headphones is a fitting holiday gift for tech and style lovers of every kind. 

The portable Helix Cuff provides on-the-go access to tiny in-ear headphones that you pair with your favorite mobile, wearable and smart devices across various OS such as Android and iOS. Helix's headphones are enabled by Bluetooth® 4.1 technology powered by Qualcomm and CSR chipset and feature aptX® technology to provide CD-like high-quality stereo audio, smart multipoint connectivity to enable simultaneous connectivity to two devices and seamless switching between them, and cVc® technology to increase voice quality and reduce background noise. The unique design of Helix allows you to wrap the connecting cord for the headphones into a groove on the cuff while you are traveling or on the go.

Design Highlights:

  • Designed by the former lead industry designer of the Nest Thermostat and the Nokia N9 and Lumia smartphones.
  • Engineered by a team of veterans from Nest, GoPro, Nokia, IBM, and Lenovo.
  • The earbud housing and the compartments on the cuff are made of stainless steel with mirror-polished coating.
  • The cuff is made of hypoallergenic skin-friendly materials by Dow Corning.
  • Minimalist earbuds: 10mm in diameter.
  • Fit on any size wrist: a neodymium magnet on one side of the loop connects with the other side to adjust to your wrist size.

Features and Technologies:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 powered by CSR and Qualcomm chipset.
  • Up to 30 feet working distance.
  • aptX® technology: provides CD-like high-quality stereo audio.
  • Smart multipoint connectivity: simultaneous paired with two devices, i.e. stream music from the laptop/tablet, and takecalls from the smartphone. Memorize up to 8 devices at a time.
  • cVc® noise reduction technology: increase voice quality, reduce background noise.
  • Powerful speakers:
    • Frequency response: 50Hz-20kHz
    • Impedance: 16 ohms
    • Total harmonic distortion (THD): <1%
  • Battery life: up to 3 hours
  • Takes less than 15 seconds to uncoil and coil the headphones back to cuff.

Six Color Options:

  • Five Helix Cuff Classic Colors: Black on Black, Silver/Champagne Gold on Black/White.
  • Gold Edition: 24K-gold plated and bright red.

Normal Retail Price:

  • Classic: $149 USD
  • Gold Edition: $299 USD


  • Red Dot Product Design Award 2016
  • CES Innovation Awards 2016 in Wearable Technologies
  • CES Editors' Choice Awards 2016 by USA Today and
  • Best of CES 2016 by Parent Tested and Parent Approved (PTPA)
  • Finalist in the Wearable Innovation World Cup 2016


4. Additional information:

Helix Cuff™ ensures you never again find yourself in an ugly mess of tangled headphone cords. Created under the direction of former Nest and Nokia designer Mika Nenonen, Helix Cuff™ has a breakthrough form that unites the functional nature of wearable technology with sleek aesthetics. From your home, to the office, about town and to the gym, the unisex Helix Cuff™is the first product of its kind to keep music lovers and other audiophiles stylishly and conveniently connected, without compromising either fashion sense or sound quality.

“What do you do with your headphones when they’re not plugged into your device?” asked Angela Pan, Founder and CEO of Ashley Chloe®. “It can take minutes to unravel the knot of cords! Helix changes that. Our goal is to make carrying headphones fashionable and convenient, which Helix Cuff™ does by delivering a premium sound quality headset hidden inside a beautiful cuff. The human wrist is valuable real estate, and both fashionistas and athletes alike will be proud to wear Helix Cuff™.”

Helix Cuff™ harnesses Bluetooth® short-range wireless technology to pair high-fidelity in-ear headphones stored within a wrist cuff with your favorite iOS and Android  mobile, wearable or smart devices. The unique looping design of Helix Cuff™ allows you to wrap the connecting cord for the headphones into a groove on the wrist cuff when the headset is not in use. A tiny, discreet cache on the cuff provides on-the-go storage for the headphones. Helix Cuff™ offers stereo-sound quality, a built-in microphone with track/call controls, and battery standby time up to 200 hours.

The Helix Cuff™ is offered in three unisex color selections: white, black and bright red. Metal embellishments in 18K plated-gold, champagne gold, or silver aluminum are delicately placed to cover the storage cache for the wireless signal receiver and the in-ear headphones when not in use.

Headphones on Your Wrist Deliver Fashion and Function with a Twist

This new wearable accessory has been crafted through an innovative collaboration of fashion consultants with an elite engineering team experienced in consumer electronics design and hardware at companies such as Nest, Nokia, IBM and Lenovo. The Helix Cuff™ celebrates the impressive technical achievement of integrating ultra-tiny in-ear headphones with high-fidelity sound and speaker components into the softly curved and looping form factor of a cuff.

“Fundamentally, the marriage of fashion and functional design to create a storage element for headphones simply didn’t exist,” said Mika Nenonen, the chief designer of the Helix Cuff™. “Our incredibly talented team carefully shaped the curvature of the Helix Cuff™ band, keeping in mind the delicate nature and flexibility required to coil around the human wrist. With a perfectly structured look and feel, we aimed to make Helix Cuff™ an accessory that cleverly masks its technological power so both men and women can wear it with complete comfort and versatility.”

As constantly tangled headphone cords are an omnipresent issue in the digital age, it may come as a surprise that such an essential accessory has never before been created. Amidst the wearables market, which is overflowing with fitness trackers, biomarkers, and smart watches, there has never existed a complementary accessory allowing you to effortlessly store your headphones while keeping them with you at all times—until Helix.


5. Customer Testimonials:

“These are very slick. I have a half dozen other Bluetooth headsets, and these are easily as good or better than anything else I’m using (nice sound, good fit and finish, and good range compared to others). This is the headset that James Bond would use.”

- Tom Monroe, Early Adopter of Helix Cuff™, Senior Systems Administrator at Tableau Software, WA, United States

“The earphones do the business they are made for. It's a great idea instead of having to fish earphones from bags. The sound is superb, even better than my Bose earphones and somewhat cheaper too. All in all, despite the various problems eg, the timing, all of the changed dates I must admit the wait has been worth it.”

- Lynn D., Early Adopter of Helix Cuff™, Legal Industry, United Kingdom

“The sound quality is very good for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, as a musician I find it important to have quality sound to practice my music with.”

- Brett Orenstein, Early Adopter of Helix Cuff™, Musician, VA, United States


6. Company Background:

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ashley Chloe® is bridging the gap between fashion and function in wearable tech. Ashley Chloe® confronts this challenge head-on with the stylishly innovative Helix Cuff™, its flagship wearable tech accessory for seamlessly connecting your active modern lifestyle. With a team of world–class product designers and engineers, The fashion-forward startup focuses on creating digital accessories that improve daily use cases. The Helix Cuff™ is the beginning of a line of innovative digital wearables that transform the way we interact with technology.


7. about our team:

Angela Pan, Founder and CEO of Ashley Chloe®:

Angela Pan is the Founder and CEO of Ashley Chloe®, a wearable tech accessories brand headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Integrating a passion for functional aesthetic design with her aptitude for business strategy, Pan has a wealth of experience gained from her dual roles as a female entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley and as a former early-stage tech investor. Prior to Ashley Chloe®, Pan was a Principal in an investment firm that specializes in early stage investment on IoT, wearables and hardware related companies. Pan is also on the board of Asia America MultiTechnology Association which dedicates to the Asian American high-tech community.  

Pan has approached expectations and barriers that often push female entrepreneurs out of business with determination and a strong network of relationships. By taking time to understand the technology field, and adding a fashion perspective, Pan prepared herself for success in the industry.

Pan has years of experience in operations, marketing, partnership, and corporate development. She found success launching an internet startup and a lifestyle firm by developing impressive growth, strategic branding, executing marketing strategies, and creating new brand from scratch.

In her spare time, Pan is a self-taught designer, her passion for design has given her a broad vision and deep understanding of style and allure.