10 Last Minute Tech Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

With the end of the holidays closing in, you might find yourself scrambling to check everyone off your gift list. No need to rush out into the cold, you can order your holiday presents right from the comfort of your own home. Here are 10 last minute tech gifts you can get from Amazon. (If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to get your presents shipped in 2 days, free of charge!)


Lifelink Micro USB Portable Cable ($29.95)

Unless you’re living under a rock, most people you know will need a charging cable for their mobile phones or other devices. With the Micro USB Portable Cable, you can give the gift of ultra portable power. This cable works just like a normal cable, but its thin size allows users to store the cable in thin accessible areas like wallets or keyholders. With its portability and thin build, this simple gift will work for any techie.


Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo ($129.99)

Looking for a gift for the iPhone 7 user who is still waiting on the Apple AirPods? Fret not. Rowkin's Bit Charge Stereo is the replacement that might be even better. This set of penny-sized wireless Bluetooth earbuds can last up to 45 hours of talk and use time. Its magnetic charging case also doubles as a power bank. Users can choose to charge their earbuds or get up to one full charge for their mobile device. Besides serving a dual purpose, the Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo earbuds are also sweat-proof, can enable voice command, and can connect to multiple devices simultaneously. These headphones also have mics which can allow users to talk on the phone while the earbuds are in ear. For the tech savvy individual who wants unbeatable awesome features in their new bluetooth headphones, the Bit Charge Stereo is the answer. 


RocketBook Wave Smart Notebook ($27)


Know someone who goes through insane amounts of notebooks? This notebook might be the coolest present to give them. The RocketBook Smart Notebook is the world’s first smart, “microwave to erase and reuse” notebook. Using this notebook will allow the user to scan their notes in seconds using the Rocketbook app. In doing so, notes can be imported to Google Docs, DropBox,  iCloud, Evernote, Box or email in a blast. After filling up the notebook, users can pop their RocketBook in the microwave to reset the notebook. This can be done up to 5 times! Give the gift that keeps on giving with the RocketBook Notebook.


IN1 MultiTool Case For iPhone 6/6+ ($29.95)

For a tech savvy individual who is also a handyman, this multi-tool case for the iPhone 6/6+ makes an excellent accessory. Its polycarbonate casing makes not only for a sturdy case, but also robust case to hold all the tools including a Philips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a bottle opener, pen, scissors, and even a kickstand. The MultiTool Case is also TSA compliant so you can easily bring it on board as you travel to gift it to your loved one. 


TP-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender ($50)

For anyone who is always online, nothing is worse than having slow internet. Luckily, there is the TP-Link Wifi Range Extender. This little gadget is able to expand the wireless range in a home to help eliminate spotty or slower coverage. It even comes with a smart signal indicator to let users know where the best location for WiFi set-up will be. Give the gift of lightning speed internet and better connectivity with this handy present.


RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector ($296.08)

If you know someone who always has something to share, this 2 inch portable mobile projector by RIF6 could be the right present you’re looking for. Don’t let it's size fool you, while the projector can be carried to just about anywhere, it provides a large 120 inch display. It’s compatible with phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles. Compatibility with HDMI devices and a 90 minute rechargeable battery life allows users to bring viewing and entertainment anywhere. The packaging also comes with a tripod and remote control, making this projector the perfect all-in-one gift.


Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar ($16 - 50)

If you’re looking to gift a companion to a new gadget, the Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar could be the right present. This small, lightweight speaker can be carried anywhere. It was specially designed to provide better sound quality for an iPad, iPhone or MacBook.  Enhance FaceTime and Skype with your loved ones with this sound enhancing gift.


TECHO Universal Camera Lens Kit ($34.99)

Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on camera equipment as a present? Techo’s Universal Camera Lens Kit for mobile phones could be what you're looking for. The 2 in 1 tiny clip-on detachable HD lens can transform boring old camera pictures to professionally shot images. The macro lens and wide angle lens allow users to take a range of various image styles. The universal detachable clamp works on most mobile phones to allow easy and convenient operation. Forget the expensive camera lenses and snag one of these gifts for the photographer in your life.


Canary All-in-One Home Security Device ($169)

Smart homes are all the rage this year. While everyone may be purchasing Alexas and Google Homes, the Canary All-In-One Security Device provides smart security unlike any of these popular devices. With this security device, users can stream real-time video with the Canary’s 1080p HD camera. The powerful camera also features motion-activated recording, instant video alerts, automatic night vision, easy access to authorities, and a 90+ decibel siren. Besides protecting from external harm, Canary can also monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity to aid in personal health. Give the gift of a smart and safe home with the Canary All-In-One Security Device.

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