20 Reasons to Say “Thank You” to Mom this Mother’s Day

My mother has always guided me by being a truly inspirational role model. Her kindness to everyone around her and her hard-working attitude have molded me into the woman I am today.
— Angela Pan, Ashley Chloe Founder & CEO
Angela Pan, Ashley Chloe CEO & Parents

Angela Pan, Ashley Chloe CEO & Parents

Ashley Chloe wants to take a moment to acknowledge all of the things moms do that make them incredible human beings!  We encourage you to share your own list with your mom this Mother’s Day.

Little Girl in Mom Heels
  1. Missing your black pumps?  Mom always know exactly where your missing items are that you thought were gone forever.

  2. Speaking of missing pumps, you should thank your Mom for blessing you with the same shoe size as her (because Mom’s shoe collection is your shoe collection). 

  3. For always being your biggest supporter, even if it made you want to be dropped off around the corner.


Girl Crying at Dinner Table

4. For driving you around everywhere you needed to go, often without more than a “thank-you”.

5. For warning you of all about all of the evil things in the world, even though never listened.

6. For always making you eat your vegetables at dinner time, knowing you’d go on to like them as an adult.

7. For working long hours, cooking your dinner, and signing all of your permission slips ALL in one night.

8. For always coming to the rescue when you forgot your towel, but you were already in the shower.

9. For always telling you that you were smart, and reminding you that it is way more valuable than being pretty.  

10. For loving you despite your bad attitude.

11. For teaching you that it IS possible to fold a fitted sheet.

12. For teaching you how to make your favorite pasta dish so that you could recreate it in your college dorm room when you were missing home.

smart baby.jpg

13. For teaching you that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and to be proud of yours (and take care of it).

14. For teaching you to be well put-together, and to never leave the house with chipped nails (oh wait, is that just my neurotic mother)?

15. For being a shoulder to cry on when everything, everything, was wrong.

16. For encouraging you to do it yourself, because you are independent and capable.


17. For doing artwork with you and encouraging you to be creative.

18. For teaching you the importance of honesty.

19. For giving you the freedom to make your own mistakes.

20. For giving the best hugs in the world. Hands down.

Thank you, Mom!

Love, Ashley Chloe