20 Tech Gifts You'll Want To Give (Or Keep)!

That time of the year is coming up! Soon, you’ll need to start scrambling to pick out presents for all those you hold near and dear. We know nothing beats seeing eyes light up at the unraveled presents during the holidays. But with all the possible gift ideas, how do you know what will really impress? We’ve put together a list of the 20 coolest tech gifts to choose from for the most valuable people in your life.


For The One Who Lives and Breathes Music


Chromecast Audio ($35)

Not everyone has adapted to the “smart” home just yet. For the audiophiles in your life, you can introduce them to “smart” wifi speakers using the Chromecast Audio. Using this small device, users can project their music wirelessly to any speaker of their choosing. At a lower cost than most wireless systems, music lovers can also purchase multiple devices and connect multiple speakers to the same device for a party in every room.


EANOS300 Archer Record Player ($100)

Many music fanatics have an appreciation for both the new and old genres of sound. For individuals who want to enjoy both the present and past, The Archer Vinyl Record Player is a worthy choice. The classic turntable links the classic and modern era, as one can either play records or use the auxiliary input to play music on to its’ built in stereo speakers. The record player also conveniently folds into ’60s-style black suitcase, so transporting this awesome record player to any get-together is simple as pie.


Helix Cuff ($169)

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Know someone who is always misplacing their headphones? The Helix Cuff is the world’s first wearable bluetooth headphones that allows anyone to keep their headphones directly on their wrist. With its sleek design and color variety, this wearable is the perfect gift for the music connoisseur who has their playlist plugged in at all times. The Helix Cuff also allows smart control for both Android and Iphone users alike. Opt out of getting boring old headphones and gift an item that boasts fashion, as well as utility.


Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs ($23.99)

Most of us are familiar with someone who is always in attendance at loud music events. Enjoyable as it may be, it’s also important to protect one’s hearing. For a loved one who frequents these ear-piercing environments, you can grab a set of Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs. These particular earplugs are designed specifically for live music. They allow users to protect their hearing without sacrificing sound quality or clarity. Vibes Earplugs filter acoustics to lower the decibel levels of your environment without muffling and distorting the sound like traditional earplugs. The earplugs’ clear glass-like design makes them almost invisible. This allows the music fanatic to enjoy the music, the environment, and the experience without having to wear anything intrusive in their ear. (PS. We personally tried these out at a concert and loved them!)


For The One Who’s Always On The Go


Navdy Car Dashboard Projector ($700 or $67/month plan)

Whether it’s commuting back and forth from work or driving long distance road trips, we all know someone who could use a better way to view their cellphone screens while on the road. With the Navdy Head Up Display, the need to look down on small cellphone screens is no longer a problem. Navdy projects maps, calls, messages, and music directly in front of the driver and allows audio command or gestures for both Iphone and Android users. Keep your loved one safer on the road with this genius take on mobile control.


Smartwatches ($300 & up)

For those with luggage always in hand, a smartwatch makes a great gift. Smartwatches connect to users’ phones and project notifications on a smaller screen right on their wrists. Individuals who always have their hands full will find these gadgets a blessing. Many smartwatches also vary in control options with the majority giving users options to reply to their messages or make a call right on the watch. The pricing varies depending on each watch. Choices range from the Apple Watch Series 2 ($369-$10,000) to the Pebble Steel Watch ($150) or the Moto 360 ($300 and up). Lend a hand to someone who is always on the go and consider gifting one of these smartwatches.


Papago GS260-US Rear View Mirror Dashcam ($109)

With so many accidents on the road, especially during the busy holiday season, drivers can use all the help they can get. The Papago Rear View Mirror dash cam has a built in dash cam that records as soon as it auto detects the car’s movement. The dashcam can zoom in, take imagery, inform users when the traffic is slowing down, and record continuously when needed. For a loved one who likes to travel and keep safe, the Papago makes a perfect gift.


D-Link DIR-510L Travel Router ($100)

Any traveler is familiar with the struggle of finding reliable internet. Did you know it can be avoided with a good travel router? The D-Link’s DIR-510L is a little more than the size of iPhone 5 and only twice as thick. For the traveler in your life that always needs to stay connected, this router could be the solution. It creates its own wireless hotspot and allows users to connect multiple devices to one internet connection without paying those pesky extra charges. The small router also boasts an AC adapter and its own battery. With the two USB ports that can be used for charging, connecting devices, and sharing files, this little gadget is one that provides assorted utilities for a multi-tasker.


For The Busy Bee


Bamboo Charging Desk ($40)

Some people just can’t get enough technology. With the Bamboo Multi Device Charging Station, you can give the gift of sleek organization. This station can house a number of various devices in different sizes while keeping the array of cables out of sight. Built with 100% eco friendly bamboo, this wooden dock is also available in a white gloss, high gloss cherry, and walnut veneer for those who have varying styles.


Google Home ($129)

With the Google Home, you can give the gift of a virtual butler. The Google Home offers individuals the ability to manage just about every aspect of their home life through a compact device. With the Google Assistant built in, users can apps such as Calendar, Maps, Chromecast, and so many more. The Google Home also controls your smart home gadgets and even your TV and speakers. Who needs an assistant when you can have it all with this tiny machine?


 HP Powerup Backpack ($170)

Nowadays, many clever gadgets come with double utility. This particular backpack not only stores one’s belongings, but it can also charge your devices. The HP Powerup Backpack holds an impressive 22,400-mAh battery power. It has the capability of charging a smartphone up to 10 times, a tablet up to 3 times, and most laptops to one full charge. The HP Powerup can also hook up three gadgets at a time and allows the wearer to set the charging priority. With it’s stylish look, this is one product any traveler would love to get.


The Plug Bug  ($45)

This device is pretty simple. With only one outlet available, users will still be able to charge multiple devices at a time. The plugbug simultaneously charges your laptop and another USB device (like a mobile phone or tablet). It also contains attachments for world travel, making it one of the chargers a globetrotter needs on their wish list.


For The Gym and Fitness Fanatic


Misfit Shine 2 ($75)

There’s no doubt about it, wearables have blown up in use in the past couple of years. Still, there are some who refuse to sport anything that looks like a fitness tracker. The Misfit Shine 2 solves this problem for the fashion and fitness savvy. With its small unassuming watch-like design, the small aluminum disk tracker (available in black or rose gold) can be worn on the wrist, on the hip or as a pendant. In addition to tracking steps and sleep, you can also use the Shine 2 to control smart home devices, making it a great present for tech-obsessed folks.


Wilson X Connected Basketball ($199-284)

Know someone who loves Steph Curry? For the die-hard basketball fan, the Wilson X Connected Basketball makes a clever gift. Not just any ordinary basketball, the Wilson X tracks all the shots you make and uploads it to a smartphone app. Users can see how much closer they are to becoming a pro. The app also has four game modes so the basketball is perfect for shooting hoops with friends. Its built-in battery is good for 100,000 shots. Grabbing one of these smart basketballs as a present is sure to impress any b-ball lover.


Bowflex SelectTech 560 Smart Dumbbells ($549)

For some gym frequenters, it’s all about the muscle gain. With The Bowflex Smart Dumbbells weight can be adjusted 5 to 60 pounds. The dumbbells also have a built-in accelerometer to let the user know if actions are being performed properly. An accompanying smartphone app helps count reps and provide step-by-step video coaching to ensure that users’ maintain proper form. If you know someone who guzzles protein powder and loves working on biceps, this product is one that they’ll fall in love with.


Under Armour Healthbox ($350)

Skip the personal trainer classes, you can give the gift of an at-home personal trainer with the Under Armour Healthbox. The Health Box is delivered as an entire package. Within it, users will get a band, scale, and heart rate monitor that all work in conjunction with the Under Armour Record app. Under Armour calls it the "world's first connected fitness system". Each device in the box will work seamlessly with each other to better understand how your body feels and what it needs. This at home trainer works great for those looking to become healthier by understanding their own physique better.


For The Outdoor Enthusiast


Syma X5C Explorers Drone ($60)

Out with the old and in with the new. Forget the same old Gopro's as presents, grab a drone for a lower price. With the Syma Explorers Drone, recording adventures are cooler than ever. This drone comes with an HD camera and a 6 axis gyro stabilization system to keep maximum stability while in flight. Don’t be fooled, with a push of a button, the drone can perform a 360 degree flip. The equipment is wind resistant and can easily be flown either indoors or outdoors. The drone has a flight time of 7 minutes so it’s great for a drone novice.


Anker Universal Solar Panel Charger ($59.99)

What happens when there’s absolutely no outlets to plug in and juice up your devices? The adventurer in your life can breathe a little easier with the Anker Universal Solar Panel Charger. This charger needs no plugs, just pure ole’ sunlight. The Anker Charger claims to deliver the fastest possible charging speed for a solar powered charger. The charger can also charge up to two devices at the same time. Its design also allows portability in any environment. Created with industrial-strength PET polymer sewn into a rugged polyester canvas, users can take this product knowing it is weather resistant and built for outdoor durability.


Handpresso Pump (99€ or $108)

One probably won’t find any cafes around the corner while out in the wilderness. So, what can you gift someone who is a fan of both caffeine and nature? Check out the Handpresso Pump. This cool contraption allows its users to make a fresh espresso every morning, no matter where their travels take them. Using either ground coffee or accompanying ESE pods and a little bit of water, travelers in need of a little “pick-me-up” can become their own baristas.


BioLite CampStove ($129.95)

When out in the wilderness, one can’t expect to get any power sources save from natural resources. This gadget does just that and more. Users load the stove with easily gathered natural materials such as pine cones or twigs to light a small, but powerful fire. With the stove’s accompanying battery pack and converter, the small fire can generate usable electricity for charging mobile phones, LED lights, and other personal devices. With limited amounts of wood, the CampStove creates a smokeless campfire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes. Don’t waste your time getting a boring old power pack as a gift and instead grab a CampStove for the outdoor junkie.

Looking for more spectacular gift ideas? Stay tuned for more of our holiday gift guides, deal guides, and free giveaways!