3 Expert Tips for Surviving a Long Flight (By A Former Flight Attendant)

The holiday season may be over, but the new year has just begun!  Traveling for work or play?  One of our own is a former flight attendant and offered to share some insider tips with us on how to survive (and make the best out of) a long grueling flight!  




Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of liquids is crucial not only for your comfort, but also for your overall health while traveling. Your body needs more water to carry out essential functions in low-humidity environments (such as an airplane cabin).  Dehydration can cause dry skin, decreased blood pressure, increased heart rate, fatigue, and confusion.  Also, it can cause your high heels to painfully pinch your swollen feet. (I speak from experience.)

Grab a seat in the aisle.

While many believe the window seat to be the crème de la crème of airplane seating options, you may find yourself feeling trapped.  Select a seat by the aisle to ensure easy access to the lavatory and to avoid the awkwardness of waking up your seatmate from their deep (obnoxiously loud) slumber.  This way, you can stay hydrated without the worry.  

Bring your own refillable water bottle.

Security will make you throw out your full plastic water bottles, but bring your own refillable bottle.  We recommend S’well water bottles, because they’re good for the environment.  Many airports have several dispersed water stations for this exact purpose (including San Francisco International Airport).  

AVOID drinking the HOT water on-board the aircraft.  

Trust me on this one.  While the water tanks are flushed and tested on a regular basis, there still have been several cases of illness related to on-board water consumption. That brings me to my next point...




It may be tempting to eat the food on-board an aircraft.  (Particularly if you’ve paid extra for your seat and a meal is included).  It’s better to err’ on the side of caution.  Some smaller aircraft do not have ovens and provide foods that are packed with preservatives to keep foods from spoiling.  

Eat a meal ahead of time.

Try to eat a filling meal full of vitamins and minerals before your flight.  Pack snacks that are healthy and that won’t spoil.  Flight attendants frequently carry pasta salad, bananas, Kind bars, nuts, yogurt, hummus, and veggies.  

Boost your immune system before flight.

The best way to boost your immune system before a long-haul flight is to get a full night’s sleep the night before.  I have personally encountered many passengers who stayed up all night partying expecting to sleep their hangover off during their flight.  Unfortunately, an already compromised immune system does not fare well among a plane-full of new germs.  These individuals are much more vulnerable to illness.  

Bring wipes.

Contrary to popular belief, your tray table is not sanitized or wiped down in any way between flights.  Bring wipes to kill bacteria teeming on these kinds of surfaces.  We recommend: Healthy Hand Wipes.


In-flight entertainment is great, but highly unreliable.  Sometimes, a dysfunctional entertainment system may be overlooked when fixing it may cause a late departure.

Never leave home without high quality earbuds.  

For convenience while traveling, and to avoid the dreaded wire-tangle nightmare, accessorize with a Helix Cuff before flying.  

Always bring more juice.

Outlets under seats are often faulty, and are sometimes only available in first-class cabins.  Always bring a power bank such as a Halo Charge to keep your Helix Cuff and phone charged throughout the whole flight.  

Prepare ahead of time.

Preload your devices with your favorite Audiobook.  Make sure to download playlists for offline play on Spotify (in case WiFi is wonky), or check out our official Ashley Chloe: Calm Skies playlist below.