4 Design Trends That Will Redefine Technology in 2016

It’s no secret that design has reached light speed in the last century. There are more technological advancements happening every day than there were in a millennium before this new age of refined invention.

Because of the speed and amount of change in technology it can be hard to keep track of what’s coming next and how it will have an impact on your life. We’re sharing the design trends that will change your lifestyle and how you interact with others and improve the simplicity of your life so you know just what to expect from upcoming tech.

At Ashley Chloe, design is paramount. Creating a design that’s both attractive, functional and comfortable involves a lot of hard work and focus on design trends that will be staples in the near future. You’ll learn throughout this blog how 2016 design trends have impacted and evolved Ashley Chloe and other well-known brands with a focus on design.

The Bluetooth Norm

Image Credit: idropnews.com

Image Credit: idropnews.com

Bluetooth isn’t a new concept, but it’s about to become even more mainstream and leading companies, like  Apple, will be at the forefront of pushing this trend. You might have heard rumors that Apple will remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and if you think about it, that’s not unprecedented for Apple.

Apple did away with floppy disks and USB ports with their MacBooks leading the industry in new technology and now they are about to do the same with smartphones. While change can be alarming, the conversion from wired to wireless headphones should be a welcome one.

We can all agree that the time it takes to find and untangle standard earbuds is a huge waste. Bluetooth headphones make listening to your favorite entertainment more enjoyable.

The founders of Ashley Chloe had the foresight to see that Bluetooth would be the new standard. The fashion tech company’s Helix Cuff Wearable Headphones was created with Bluetooth to allow for wireless listening making it a great companion for Apple’s iPhone 7 and any other smart device.

Integrated Design

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

The Helix Cuff’s Bluetooth Headphones weren’t made just for wireless listening. Smarter, integrated design is a trend that’s hitting every industry. Products are being made with the intention of fitting seamlessly into your life and creating greater efficiency and convenience.

These principles were formative in the design of the Helix Cuff. Ashley Chloe recognized that there was a gap in the market between fashion and function. Headphones that were both well-designed and extremely functional were difficult to find.

Noticing that headphones were a real hang-up, Ashley Chloe developed a solution to make using headphones a more seamless experience by wearing them right on your wrist. The Helix Cuff is a seamless combination of design and function. The aesthetics are pleasing and the technology is forward-thinking.

Technology that combines design principles and needs that also integrates into your life is something that will change the capabilities of everything you own.

Everything Apps

Image Credit: Pexels.com

Image Credit: Pexels.com

Integration doesn’t solely apply to physical products. If you’ve spent hours thumbing through different apps each with a different purpose, you’ll understand this trend. UX Designers have realized that the current scheme of apps isn’t working and it won’t last for long.

We shouldn’t have to have a different app for everything, instead utilities from all your favorite apps should be combined into one super app.

WeChat is one app leading the trend. Gaining much popularity in the East, WeChat combines functions of millions of apps and with 600 million active monthly users; it’s clearly a popular change. With WeChat, users can hail a taxi, order good, and check in for a flight all in one app. Design improvements like this save countless hours over time. The streamlining trend will likely affect numerous areas of technology.

Modern Simplicity

Image Credit: DigitalTrends.com

Image Credit: DigitalTrends.com

One of the icons of modern industrial design is Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Sir Jonathan Ive. From the iPod to the Apple Watch, Ive has been instrumental in the design trend of clean, modern simplicity.

Apple focuses on “beautiful objects that are as simple and pure as they are functional.” As Ive related. Ive’s design laboratory at Apple can also be described as simple, pure, and functional. Ian Parker of the New Yorker got a sneak peek at the lab and shared its layout. Each table in the design lab serves a single product, part, or concept. While some of these products are scheduled for manufacture, others might come to market in three or five years, or never.

Apple shared a video about design explaining that there are things more important than convenience and abundance. The design leader chooses instead to focus on how they want people to feel and then creates around that intention.

Simple, pure, and functional can also describe Ashley Chloe’s Helix Cuff. Designing a wearable that will fit in with individual style and everyday use required the use of this critical design trend.

Efficiency in Design

Image Credit: 7-themes.com

Image Credit: 7-themes.com

Apple and Ashley Chloe aren’t the only companies in line with the simplicity trend. While Tesla designs with aerodynamics and efficiency in mind, they are no stranger to clean simplicity. The electric car pioneer is changing the way the auto industry designs with their design approach.

Renowned designer and judge of the Red Dot Award, Gordon Bruce said, "It is easy to be complex, but it is extremely complex to be simple. As companies are enabled with better talent, design methodologies, and tools, they are able to take on difficult design challenges more easily. Not design for the sake of form, but form because of design performance."

Even in their unique fields, Apple, Ashley Chloe, and Tesla share the same DNA in modern design paving the way for technology to continue to evolve as these game-changing companies envisioned it.

Do you have idea for an innovation you wish was a reality? Share it with us in the comments below.

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