5 Creative Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Express Your Love with Innovation and Style

With each year that Mother’s Day comes around, so does the question of what to get mom. How can you possibly show how much you love her and care for her in a gift? You’re tired of getting mom the same old thing and want to really wow her.

The key is to look for gifts that will improve her life. Think back to all the times your mom made your life easier. Isn’t it time we make her life better too? Whether it’s on-the-go convenience or sophisticated style, we’ve got Mother’s Day gift ideas that are guaranteed to be adored by mom.

The best part of these ideas is that mom probably hasn’t heard of them already. She’ll be completely surprised when you offer her something so innovative and well-designed she’s never even dreamed of it.

Mother’s day is all about showing your love for mom and we think these awesome innovations will do the trick.

Helix Cuff

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Moms have to deal with tangled headphones just like the rest of us, but wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to? Ashley Chloe’s Helix Cuff Smart Wearable Headphones cleverly solve the problem of tangled and lost headphones. Plus, these easy to use headphones make Bluetooth headphones simple.

Is your mom always on-the-go? The Helix Cuff’s wearable design makes it easy to access your headphones wherever you are. These Bluetooth headphones from Ashley Chloe are stylish as well. Made with fashion and function in mind, you can give mom the whole package-headphones without compromises. It’s time mom has headphones she really loves, don’t you think?

UNIFORM: The World’s Softest Tee

Image Credit: UNIFORM

Image Credit: UNIFORM

Mom’s in for a real treat with UNIFORM. After all the hard work and hours she’s put in nurturing and caring for you, the least you can do is spoil her with the world’s softest tee. Plus, with UNIFORM’s social mission, you can support your mom and working moms in Africa. All of UNIFORM’s products are ethically made by working mothers in Africa's first fair-trade factory and each purchase provides a school uniform to a child who could otherwise not attend school.

UNIFORM shirts are as equally stylish as they are effortless. Made with a perfect blend of materials and a flattering fit, UNIFORM seems to have invented the perfect tee. With UNIFORM shirts, not only will you be helping mom out, you’ll also be helping children in need of an education and hardworking moms. UNIFORM makes it easy to do good this Mother’s Day.

āsum Sculpted Bags

Image Credit:  āsum

Image Credit: āsum

Aptly named, “Dream Collection”, āsum Sculpted Bags promise to elevate mom’s wardrobe and inspire creativity. āsum is a line of elevated basics that strives to be inventive in design yet effortless in style and it’s clear they’ve succeeded in this vision. āsum is about slow fashion, not trends. Their goal is to create distinctive pieces that complement casual staples in your wardrobe season after season. What better gift for a sophisticated style-loving mom (and maybe even yourself) than effortless, timeless style?

āsum comes from Project Runway alum Angela Sum who has sculpted and draped designs that embody the abstract, free-spirited nature of dreams - the inspiration behind her collection. The result is an artful play of luscious washed cottons and linens intermixed with rich quality full grain leathers. The cotton and linen materials are water-resistant and the bags wear beautifully with age. For the style-loving mom, āsum bags are a beautiful choice.

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

Image Credit: Click and Grow

Image Credit: Click and Grow

Have a mom with a green thumb? Or a mom who wishes she had a green thumb? Look to Click and Grow for a thoughtful and useful gift. Their Smart Herb Garden makes indoor gardening so much easier and doesn't mom deserve a break? Click and Grow uses NASA-Inspired technology to help plants grow faster and healthier without any extra effort.

All mom has to do to get gorgeous herbs or blooms, is plug in the Smart Herb Garden, fill the water tank, set it in good light, and relax. Click and Grow will even send three basil plants with your order! Give mom with the gift of gardening tech and she’ll have nutritious, fresh herbs always nearby. Spend some quality time with mom and bond over her love of gardening by watching Caleb Harper’s TED Talk on “This Computer Will Grow Your Food in the Future”.

Apple MacBook

Image Credit: Apple

Image Credit: Apple

There’s no doubt your mom has heard of Apple and the MacBook and she may even be a loyal iPhone user, but chances are she doesn’t know about their latest release. Apple’s ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook now comes in a beautiful rose gold color. Not only is it extra pretty, it’s also faster, has better battery life, and promises better graphics.

With the new Apple MacBook, mom will get all the power of a full-sized MacBook in a neat little package. Apple really pushed their limits creating something that seemed impossible. With all that the MacBook can do, mom will undoubtedly be impressed. Make a fun video on iMovie to really surprise mom!

What are you doing for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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