5 Redesigns That Completely Changed the Way We See Things

Change rarely comes easily, especially when it comes to design. The redesign of something you use frequently can be shocking, but often times a welcome change from the ways things used to be. Ashley Chloe brings in design reinvention with pleasure. Where there are problems and market gap, Ashley Chloe sees possibilities.

To celebrate the aesthetically-pleasing and life-altering aspects of quality design reinvention, Ashley Chloe is remembering 5 design reinventions that greatly changed our lives. These design evolutions didn’t occur quietly. They made a huge splash in their respective industries, signifying the impact they’d have on our lives.

Have a look at these revolutionary designs and consider just how much they might change your life.

The New Headphones: Untangled and Always on Hand

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Ashley Chloe is at the forefront of this design reinvention. Noticing how annoying it was to deal with tangled headphones that often got lost in a full backpack or purse, Ashley Chloe’s Founder & CEO, Angela Pan, sought a solution with wearable technology.

The Helix Cuff is an important evolution in headphone design and wearable technology. For years, wearables had been either fashionable or functional, Helix Cuff is both along with high-performing. Equipped with high quality audio, noise-cancelling capabilities, and Bluetooth 4.1, Helix Cuff Bluetooth headphones are a major design accomplishment.

Design reinventions that really change the way we live our lives are never an easy feat. Designing the Helix Cuff was also a challenge. The wearable headphones had to be able to contain earbuds within a cuff and sit comfortably on the wrist. After numerous iterations, Ashley Chloe’s design team was able to do that, changing how we use headphones in a brilliant way. Winning the Red Dot Product Design Award has proven the Helix Cuff’s excellence in design.

The New Instagram Logo: Inspired By Community

Image Credit: Mashable.com

Image Credit: Mashable.com

It’s been months since the big Instagram logo change and it’s almost difficult to remember what the logo looked like in the first place. In May, Instagram’s Head of Design released an article explaining the visual media app’s logo reinvention. He commented, “The evolution of the community has been inspiring, and we hope that we’ve captured some of the life, creativity, and optimism people bring to Instagram every day. Our hope is that people will see this app icon as a new creative spark — something to have fun with and make their own.”

Curiously, designers did just that. Hours after the announcement, Instagram was bombarded with commentary, jokes, and other logo redesign suggestions, putting the news of Instagram’s logo change on everyone’s feed. Forbes's featured Instagram logo redesigns of 15 designers illustrating how Instagram’s wish of sparking creativity was fulfilled.

The day was ultimately named, The Great Instagram Logo Freakout of 2016, by the New York Times. Months later, the uproar has died down and Instagram users have become accustomed to this surprising design evolution.

The New Entertainment: Full-Body VR

Image Credit: Engadget.com

Image Credit: Engadget.com

Simply staring at a TV screen might be a thing of the past. Virtual reality is opening a space to redesign the way we see entertainment. These innovators imagine that entertainment is interactive. They’re redesigning entertainment to be a physical experience and even something you enjoy with others. Companies continue to make their VR products better and better, so widespread enjoyment may not be far off.

HTC Vive’s Chaperone VR system makes full-body interaction safer, solving a big problem that many VR creators have run into. HTC won a CES best of the best award for their much-needed innovation. This improvement on virtual reality is making the redesign of entertainment more widespread and viable for personal use.

The uses for VR continue to expand. The next applications of virtual reality will likely change the way we interact with media from magazines to movies and even shopping with virtual shopping experiences. The entertainment sector is one that is poised for reinvention. We’re just seeing the beginning of these exciting changes.

The New Economy: Sharing Becomes the Norm

Image Credit: nhpr.com

Image Credit: nhpr.com

Airbnb and Uber are among many companies pioneering the sharing economy of the 21st century. These organizations are thinking beyond changing the way products are made. They are redesigning the entire economy. Joe Gebbia, the Co-Founder of Airbnb gave a TED talk on how his company is designed for trust. Changes like this have changed the way the everything works. By getting independent contractors involved, instead of employees, these companies are disrupting numerous industries and the trend isn’t stopping.

With entrepreneurs constantly thinking of how their industry can get involved, this economic design revolution, isn’t likely to end soon. You’ve heard of the major players in the sharing economy, but have you heard of new up-and-comers? Fon is a wi-fi sharing system where users can enable access to their wifi in exchange for free access to wifi of the site’s 7 million members.

The sharing economy is slowly growing in the fashion industry. While rental services like Rent the Runway have grown to be very popular. Peer-to-peer options have been much slower to develop. The Business of Fashion shared that convincing people to share clothing is a bigger behavioral shift than sharing in other industries.

The New iPhone 7: Minor Design Tweaks

Image Credit: AppleInsider

Image Credit: AppleInsider

Apple made huge waves when the mega-company first released the iPhone, but their design evolution has begun to slow down. While there’s been speculation about the details of the next release, most agree that the iPhone 7 will not look much different from previous versions.

One of the biggest possible design changes to the iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack. Apple’s move towards Bluetooth headphones is coming soon, but with which release, we don’t know. The iPhone 7 could also come with dual cameras and smart charging according to Apple insider.

Apple is a great example of how not every product iteration should be revolutionary. The world-renowned company is known for making small changes and upgrades with each release and every now and then including something life-changing.

Forward-thinking design evolution is an important innovation-driver. As the pace of new technology increases, these design reinventions are being accepted and implemented faster and with less resistance.

Ashley Chloe aims to drive problem-solving design and improve the way we live our lives. What do you think needs to be redesigned? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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