5 Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cooks: Gadgets, Gluten-Free Recipes, and Smart Techniques

Getting family and friends together for the holidays can be the best part of the season. When you’re stressed out getting holidays recipes ready, you can forget the joy of simply being with the people you love the most.

Ashley Chloe understands that the holidays should be a time of celebration, not stressing. Holiday cooking is evolving just as it has over the past 100 years. With these tips, you’ll up level your holiday recipes and special dinners to a place worthy of the 21st century.

1. Listen While You Cook

Image   Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Going over your to-do list while trying to get a recipe together can make you completely exhausted. The art of cooking is lost when you’re worrying about all the other things you have to do. Enjoy holiday cooking in a whole new way with Helix Cuff wearable headphones. With high quality headphones accessible right at your wrist, you can listen to whatever your heart desires in seconds. Stream your favorite cooking show and get inspired from one of the top chefs in the world. Ready for more relaxation? Play chill music or holiday tunes and sing along while you cook.

If your house is full of family and friends, you’ll love Helix Cuff’s noise reduction feature. Loud conversations will fade out and you’ll be able to enjoy getting creative with your holiday cooking. The Helix Cuff’s headphones are designed with superior audio enhancements including aptX high quality audio for the best quality sound. Ditch your old, tangled and plugged-in headphones for the future of wearable tech, Helix Cuff.

2. Use Brilliant Cooking Tools

With the right tools, preparing Thanksgiving dinner or any celebratory feast can be simple and enjoyable. To make sure everyone gets an equal slice of pie, check out this stainless steel pie cutter. Ready to work double time with your KitchenAid? Target offers an add-on that slices or shreds veggies, cheese, and more. With this handy device, you can mix up potatoes and shred cheese at the same time for a delightful cheesy potato dish. Whether you’re making a vegan apple pie or putting together your grandmother’s secret apple tart recipe, this apple peeler will come in handy. It peels, cores, and slices apples for your baking pleasure.

If you’d like to better your cooking skills, you’ve got to check out these cooking hacks. The M&M trick is a yummy technique. When you need to put in eight cups of broth and you don’t want to forget your place, put 8 M&M’s on the counter and eat one for every cup you put in. If guests are constantly joining you in the kitchen for a nice distraction, you’ll stay on track in the most delicious way.

3. Serve Old Fashion Dishes with a Twist

Please guests with special diets and try something new by cooking a vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian dish. Not only will your guests be thanking you, but you’ll also make holiday cooking a lot healthier. Plus, healthy substitutions are often so subtle, picky eaters won’t be able to tell how you’ve switched things up.

For the ultimate holiday cookbook, Cooking Light put together a complete, gluten-free holiday menu. From slow-roasted turkey with cream gravy to ginger pumpkin pie, your guests will be in for a treat. For vegetarians, cooks must browse Bon Appetit’s 28 recipes for a meatless holiday dinner. On the blog, Vegan Richa, you’ll find 70 vegan holiday recipes! Try adding one healthier meal to your holiday feast or make it all special.

4. Surprise and Delight with Dessert

It’s no secret that for many of your guests, dessert will be the main attraction. Flex your creative muscles and go all out for this one course. Your guests will have a holiday their taste buds will never forget. Want to try a twist on a classic holiday pie? Try this butter pecan cheesecake. The recipe has been shared almost 100,000 times and will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. For healthier dessert options, Health has 31 days of healthy holiday desserts.

Buzzfeed’s 21 mind-blowing dessert list is a must-read for a shortlist of the most amazing holiday desserts. The deep-dish french silk pie with oreo crust will have you running to the store for ingredients. It’s a photo-worthy holiday dessert pick. Is your family a cupcake-loving bunch? Get in the seasonal spirit with the eggnog cupcakes. When you’re dessert recipes are above and beyond the average pie, you’ll enjoy baking them so much more.

5. Cook for Those in Need

Give your cooking a meaningful purpose by making something for people in need. The holidays can be a sad time for those who can’t be with loved ones or lack the resources to celebrate. Instead of making your holiday cooking all about preparing piles and piles of food, make it about sharing food with others.

The Obamas did this in 2015 by serving Thanksgiving dinner to homeless vets. Last year, a Florida mom hosted a holiday dinner for marines who couldn’t go home for the holidays. Is there a cause that’s special to you? The possibilities are endless. Check in with your local food bank and see what programs they have to feed the hungry. Some may be in need of a volunteer baker or meal preparer. Make a sweet treat for people in a local nursing home or serve others at a shelter nearby. Use your planning skills and create an event on your own or be a part of an organization that’s already helping others. The holidays will mean so much more when you turn your focus to being of service to your fellow man.

What is your favorite thing to cook for the holidays? Share your favorite dish in the comments below.

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