5 Trending International Bloggers on Summer Tips & Tricks

While summer has just begun, summer style is in full swing. At Ashley Chloe, we like to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and for this season. Working with style that’s both versatile and trendy is at the core of what we do. To get an inside look into what’s hot now, we’ve partnered with fashion bloggers around the world to get their favorite styles and best tips and tricks. Get inspiration for Fourth of July fashion and the rest of the summer season.

Ashley Chloe believes that style is an expression of your personality, beliefs, culture, and genuine self and nothing should stop you from being yourself. We began with an observation similar to this idea. Few in the wearable technology space have created wearables that are both stylish and technologically powerful. Wearables are either fashionable or functional, rarely both. Ashley Chloe imagined something different.

Image Credit: Sarah Galvan Photographe

Image Credit: Sarah Galvan Photographe

The Helix Cuff was designed to fit in with your personal style, whatever it may be, and keep your wireless headphones always on hand stored in a fashion-forward cuff. With numerous colors from vibrant red to chic white and modern black to choose from, the Helix Cuff goes from day to night style effortlessly, fitting in with your outfits no matter the season.

Take Helix Cuff to the beach or a Fourth of July pool party! You never know when you’ll want to pull out your headphones and listen to music, make a call, or share media with your friends. Not only is the Helix Cuff versatile enough to fit in with many styles, it also fits in at many locations, you can go anywhere with Helix Cuff on your wrist.

Whether you’re taking the time to travel this summer or hanging out at home, you’ll do it very stylishly with Ashley Chloe’s fashionable headphones and inspiration from these fantastic fashion bloggers.

Bright Prints on Fashion Confession By Eliza Armand

Eliza knows fashion. As a fashion journalist of over 10 years and the blogger of Fashion Confessions, she shares bold trends and beautiful outfits. Her summer fashion looks definitely don’t disappoint.

On summer fashion, Eliza shared, “For me personally, summer is something ephemeral. That's why mostly in summer I prefer very feminine silhouette, filled with colours and sense, so I can experience the whole range of emotions to keep my summer memories alive during the long winter season."

As a Berlin native, she’s definitely accustomed to the cold, so it’s no wonder Eliza’s going bold and bright this summer. The summer looks she shared are colorful, fun, and pretty. Eliza’s personal motto matches with her idea of summer style. She said, “If you give up now, what was the point of everything?”

For a complete colorful look, the Helix Cuff Gold Edition makes a beautiful addition. With the wearable’s bright red band and gold-plated accent, you’ll flaunt the perfect balance between fashion and function. Accessories complement your style and they can even be useful when you have Helix Cuff on hand. With this wearable, your headphones become a fashion-forward accessory. What better way to accessorize this summer?

Working Gray on The Male Stylist with Adam Walker

Adam is the quintessential modern gentlemen. As Founder and Editor of The Male Stylist, Adam shares his unique dapper style and male grooming tips. For a sharp, impressive style, men should look no further.

In a recent post on summer style, Adam commented, “Summer tailoring has always been something of a problem for me. Often it takes bold use of colour, accessories and clever detailing to create an outfit that looks effortlessly dapper and suitable for the summer season.”

The London-based blogger’s solution? “Using classic themes often seen in Mad Men and alike to build an outfit with class and a touch of high society.” The blogger’s twist on classic style will very likely make an immediate impression when imitated. This gentleman knows the ins and outs of men’s style and the art of looking fashion-forward and dapper.

Bold Off the Shoulder Looks on Eli in the Walk-In with Eli G Garcia

Eli’s summer fashion looks are incredibly on point. It’s no secret that off the shoulder tops are a major trend this season. On Eli in the Walk-In, the chic Montreal blogger has mastered this popular trend in an unexpected and completely fabulous way.

If your city hasn’t quite reached burning hot temperatures, Eli shows that you can still enjoy a little bit of summer style with her white overall look. On her fashionable overalls, Eli shared, “They are super comfy and I definitely love their trendy black and white combination. I matched them with white destructed overalls, a black off-the-shoulder blouse and the super in vogue boater hat. A pretty outfit with a feel good kind of vibe.”

How can you rock the off the shoulder trend in style? Eli said, “I love culottes! They're super trendy, super comfortable and undeniably chic. For Spring, Summer and even Fall culottes are a key piece to have in our wardrobes. You can wear them for work, formal or informal meetings or just casual rendez-vous and your look will always be on point.”

Monochromatic Looks on Gracefullee Made with Grace Lee

Grace’s love for fashion led her to start blogging her style 6 years ago. Gracefullee Made is a perfect place for beautifully unique looks and great advice from travel to fashion. Several of Grace’s recent posts have featured fantastic monochromatic looks.

Grace’s thoughts on monochromatic outfits will have you putting together your own. On her all white look, Grace commented, “I love the concept of an all-white look for summer. It's clean, crisp, and really makes your tan pop. The key is to gravitate towards white flowy tops and pair them with cropped skinnies for a more slimming effect. Not to mention, bell sleeves are in for the summer."

The chic blogger proves she knows how to style monochrome with her gorgeous LBD look. She shared, "I'm a sucker for LBDs (little black dresses). This one is perfect for the summer because of the scallop details and the fun neckline. It also makes for a going out dress for a summer night out with your girlfriends."

Summery Dresses on WTFab with Elise Armitage

Elise describes her style as “inspirational, yet approachable” and the San Franciscan has definitely shared just that. WTFab is home to Elise’s adventures around the city and beautiful looks. As of late, her summer style has been full of pretty, fun, summery looks.

In her blog with this adorable checkered dress, Elise commented, “This Marissa Webb dress was a perfect, light-weight material for a warm day. It's probably (definitely) meant to be tied in the back, but I liked how it looked and felt like it was more flattering on me tied in the front, giving it a sort of butterfly hem in the front rather than the back.”

Elise also advises readers on how to deal with summery dresses that seem a little too frilly. “When I threw a white blazer on with it, I liked how the crisp, clean lines helped balance out all the ruffles and provided a nice contrast.”

Whatever your summer style is, the right accessory will complete your look. The Helix Cuff is so versatile that it will blend in to your style. You decide what look to pair the Helix Cuff with. Modern and clean with the white Helix Cuff, bold and glam with the Helix Cuff Gold Edition, or masculine and forward-thinking with the black Helix Cuff. The possibilities are endless. With the Helix Cuff, you get a fashion-forward wearable and high tech Bluetooth headphones. This combination is perfect for a total summer look and summer travel!

What’s your go-to summer style? Let us know in the comments below.

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