5 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes: Find Your Zen Fast

When it feels like you don’t have time to relax and you have to keep plowing through work, stress can get out of hand. Ignoring your needs and focusing on what you have to get done can often make you less productive in the end and burn out is definitely something you want to avoid.

How then can you find time to relax when it seems like you don’t have time for anything? The solution is to find relaxation techniques that only take minutes. With the right relaxation tools, you can unwind in only a moment wherever you are.

Ashley Chloe understands how important it is to relax and to be able to do it fast. Read over these relaxation tips and try one out today. When you find the technique that helps you feel better instantly, incorporate it into your everyday routine and you’ll feel good no matter how busy you are.

1. Instant Meditation

Maybe you’ve tried meditation before, but it’s been hard to implement. Or maybe you’ve never felt very motivated to give it a go. Either way, this instant meditation method is a quick way to reset your brain. Harvard neurologists determined that meditation not only reduces stress, but it also changes your brain in a way that assists with learning, executive decision-making, memory, and emotional regulation. These are all things that can greatly improve your ability to work, so you can see meditation as something that helps you and the work you do.

With Helix Cuff wearable headphones, you’ll be able to find your headphones instantly. No untangling required. Using these stress-free headphones, you can pair to your phone’s Bluetooth function and listen to a quick meditation on the Calm app. With noise reduction and superior sound quality, you can listen to meditations without being distracted by your environment. Because the Helix Cuff stores your headphones right on your wrist, relaxation is only a moment away. You can even meditate at your desk without anyone noticing.

2. Inhale, Exhale

If you haven’t been aware of it, you might be surprised how often you stop breathing. When you get stressed out or you’re working on something really hard, it’s easy to freeze up, so it’s important in chaotic times to purposefully breath.

The amazing thing about deep breathing is that it resets your automatic nervous system and that’s what leads to all these amazing benefits like decreased anxiety and depression. Now this doesn’t mean that all you have to do is breathe like you normally do. Deep breathing is breath that comes from your stomach. To relax in just moments, take three deep breaths from your stomach without making your upper chest move. You can put your hand on your chest to practice this. Apple understands how important deep breathing is. With the Apple Watch breathe app, you’ll be guided through how to focus on your breath and even reminded to practice. When you’ve got it down, make this deep breathing a habit after meetings or any regular event that often makes you feel stressed out.

The Fidget Cube was created to help you focus and can help you get your deep breathing down. The desk toy helps people who are constantly fidgeting by giving them buttons, switches, and tools to release their energy. One side of the Fidget Cube simulates a traditional worry stone and helps people reduce their anxiety and breathe by rubbing the imprint. For people with a lot of anxious energy, the Fidget Cube can make a great outlet that instantly accessible on your desk.

3. Beat Bad Thoughts

If you’re one to constantly imagine worst case scenarios and freak yourself out over things that have never happened, the five-second rule was made for you. We’re not talking about how it applies to food, but how it applies to your thoughts. For all the worriers out there, Mel Robbins designed the five second rule to help you get out of bad thoughts and focused on what you would rather be thinking about.

Working the five-second rule starts when you have a bad thought. When you start going down a path that will send you stressing, count down from five to one and think about what you’d rather have in your mind. Scientific studies have shown that by switching your brain to quantitative thinking, you have more willpower to change your thoughts and your actions. This quick relaxation technique can be used to stop worries and start winning.

4. Mind Your Body

When you only have three minutes to relax, Harvard Medical School recommends releasing the tension in your body. To do this, let your arms fall to your side and think about letting go of all the tightness in your body. You can imagine scanning your body from the top of your scalp to the bottom of your feet releasing any tension as you go.

This technique engages mindfulness. By purposefully going through your body and telling it to relax, you can feel so much better in minutes. This is a great tool to use when you feel overwhelmed by the craziness of the day to instantly unwind.

5. Tell a Joke

Laughter can reduce the physical effects of stress and that means avoiding burn out. If you feel up to it, hanging out with funny friends and joking around can give you the double benefit of being social and laughing it up, but when in a pinch, watching a YouTube video of your favorite Office scene or SNL skit, can really do the trick.

Make humor a regular part of your day and you’ll be happier and less stressed. Everybody loves the office comedian right?

What do you do to relax? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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