5 Women That Inspire Us!

In honor of International Women's’ Day on March 8th, we have picked out five women that remind us that no idea is too big and impossible to be real today. They show their passions come alive through their actions as successful entrepreneurs.

It takes some major drive to keep pushing forward to where you want to be ..

But you know what? ..

It has been done!

It can be done!

It will be done.. (by you!)

Here are a few women that inspired us for this 2019 year!

Limor Fried

Adafruit Industries

Limor is a hacker and electrical engineer and founded Adafruit Industries. The company creates kits for STEM projects from LED-powered sequins to a camera board for the Raspberry Pi. It now has more than 100 employees and has about $46 million in revenue.

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Meika Hollender

Sustain Natural

Meika is the Co-founder and CEO at Sustain and also listed as a Forbes 30 under 30. Sustain is new brand of vagina-friendly products. In a society that is slowly expanding into female-focused sexual health products, Hollender lead the way to comfortable and conscious use for women throughout the world.

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Alicia Chong Rodriguez

Bloomer Tech

Alicia Chong Rodriguez is the Founder & CEO of Bloomer Tech and a passionate entrepreneur that is leading the way for solving women’s global health issues. Bloomer Tech uses ordinary clothing to collect data through advanced fabrics that are analyzed and made accessible to users for personalized healthcare.

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Toni Harris

American Football Player

She is on the way to be the first woman to play in the NFL. She is currently “the first woman who has signed a letter of intent to attend college on a full football scholarship.” She also appeared in this year’s Toyota Super Bowl commercial paving way to all women that would want to enter the football field.

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Dr. Anita Mitra

The Gynae Geek

Anita, a UK native, has made it her mission to remove the stigma surrounding periods and women's health issues. She works in obstetrics and gynecology, has experience in both clinical medicine and research, and is the author of The Gynae Geek (out in March), which aims to provide "no nonsense information on 'down-there' healthcare."

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Ashley Chloe’s Inspiration

Angela Pan - Ashley Chloe Founder & CEO

Angela Pan - Ashley Chloe Founder & CEO

At Ashely Chloe, we believe in inspiring and empowering other women in everything we do. Our Founder and CEO, Angela Pan created Ashley Chloe with this vision in mind. She is passionate about creating lifestyle brands that will break the notion that technology and fashion must be separate categories. Her past experience working with entrepreneurs and start-ups as a principal at Haxis Labs continues to inspire her goal of true equality and diversity in the creative workplace today.

Ashley Chloe’s products have been recognized by the Red Dot Design Awards, CES Innovation Awards, and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Awards, as well as major media including Forbes, Mashable, The Verge and more.

Here are a few ways to embrace your leadership! Go Get Em!