6 Bluetooth Lifehacks + Top 10 Gift-Worthy Headphones

The iPhone 7’s turn to Bluetooth wireless headphones signaled the unofficial transition to all things wireless. With the huge change from plugged-in, tangled headphones to wireless Bluetooth options, our use cases are changing too. We can do things with our headphones that we’ve never done before because Bluetooth earbuds are more convenient, easy to use, and hands-free.

Ashley Chloe understands how much technology impacts your life. Isn’t it time to take advantage of innovation and use it to make your life better? Take a look at how Bluetooth headphones will make your life easier one step at a time and look through the top 10 gift-worthy headphones that may be your perfect match.

Lifehack #1 - Comfortable Travel

Flying can be uncomfortable from the tight seats to the loud noise of the airplane’s engine, not to mention loud passengers. When you’re stuck on a red-eye flight, getting sleep can seem like the last thing possible. Bluetooth headphones, however, can transform your flying experience. With their wireless function, you won’t have your earbuds jerked out of your ear when you move and you’ll be able to rest your head on a travel pillow comfortably. With Bluetooth headphones for your next trip, you can rest while listening to soothing music or interesting podcasts. Who knows if leading airlines will soon add Bluetooth support along with the wireless trend. You’ll be able to enjoy their entertainment on board with wireless headphones too.

Lifehack #2 - Discreet Entertainment

The dull monotone voice of a professor or less than impressive presenter are enough to put you to sleep, but with Bluetooth headphones slipped in, you can multi-task in a much more exciting way. Many Bluetooth earbuds are discreet enough that they can’t be seen. When you can’t get anymore bored, pop in your Bluetooth headphones and enjoy your favorite songs and more.

Lifehack #3 - Navigation Expert

If you’re often put on navigation duty and constantly fiddle with Google Maps, Bluetooth headphones could be your the solution you seek. Give directions like an expert when your navigation app is linked to Bluetooth earphones. Finding your destination is now hands-free and much more convenient. The iWatch Series 2 features a brand new GPS app and you’re going to want to enjoy that wirelessly and discreetly with Bluetooth headphones. Friends always giving you a hard time about getting lost? Use a small earbud and they’ll never know the difference.

Lifehack #4 - Get Cooking

Wish you could cook like a famous chef? You can with your favorite cooking show streaming to your Bluetooth headphones. Cooking with plugged-in headphones can be a disaster and sometimes you might not want to broadcast the fact that you’re using someone else's recipe. Follow along to a chef’s instructions and create a culinary masterpiece that you get the credit for with the help of handy Bluetooth headphones.

Lifehack #5 - Troubleshoot and Talk

Is your dad your go-to for auto troubles? Your friend know how to fix your a/c? Your sister has the best tips on debugging your laptop? Get on the phone and get to work with their advice thanks to Bluetooth headphones. With your hands free, you don’t just have to listen to their tips, you can put them to work. Imagine leaning over your car engine with plugged-in, tangled headphones. It just doesn’t work. Bluetooth headphones allow you to take action.

Lifehack #6 - Leisurely Drive

If you’re stuck in a car that doesn’t support connection with your phone, listening to the radio or CDs can get really old. For instances like these, turn to Bluetooth, wireless headphones and enjoy the music you really love. You can listen to your favorite podcast or even take conference calls during your commute or a long road trip. If you live for good headphones while you travel, you’ll want to find wireless Bluetooth headphones with noise reduction to cancel out noisy background sound.

Top 10 Gift-Worthy Headphones

With the holidays coming up, it’s a great time to find the headphones that you and your friends and family will love. Need an awesome white elephant gift? Or looking to score a great Cyber Monday or Black Friday deal? Bluetooth earphones are becoming more and more available, but for headphones that are going to really impress, you’ll want to take a look at our top 10 list. It’s about time you get a gift that wows.

1. Helix Cuff Wearable Headphones

If you’re listening to music and making calls on the go, Helix Cuff wearable headphones should be your headphone of choice. The headphone’s storage cuff ensures that earbuds are always on hand, making it a great choice for travelers, commuters, and music-lovers tired of tangled, easy to lose earphones. The Helix Cuff acts as a fashion-forward accessory and tech-packed Bluetooth headphones. With noise-reduction, smart multipoint connectivity that transitions listening from one device to another seamlessly, and high quality sound enhancements, Ashley Chloe’s Helix Cuff is a convenient choice that is sure to win family and friends this holiday season.

2. Motorola Hint Mono Earbuds

Motorola Hint Mono Earbuds were made with a focus on design. With a variety of styles and materials to choose from for the accent material, listeners enjoy customization. These earbuds boast voice control and portable charging. Motorola turns to everyday listeners interested in aesthetics and hands-free use with their Hint Mono Earbuds.

3. Rowkin World’s Smallest Earbuds

It doesn’t get more discreet than the world’s smallest earbuds. Rowkin is making waves with it’s tiny Bluetooth earbuds. With new models that offer stereo sound or portable phone charging, listeners who crave headphones that are barely visible and completely out of the way will rejoice. Rowkin earbuds are also made to be sweat-proof and are perfect for athletic use as well as day-to-day enjoyment.

4. Samsung Gear IconX Cordless Earbuds

Samsung zones in on the fitness industry with the Gear IconX. The not-so-subtle design of the Gear IconX was purposefully done so because of the secure fit it provides. Not only are the earbuds completely wireless, they’re also comfortable, designed to stay put, and include a fitness tracker. A unique feature is the earbud’s ambient sound that enables listeners to hear their environment while listening to music.

5. The Dash Hearable

With the Dash, Bragi minimized a microcomputer with more than 150 microcomponents into an earbud the size of your fingertip. This technology helps the headphones recognize gestures so you can nod your head to answer a call or shake your head to decline it. This small device is waterproof and discreet, made for active use.

6. BATBAND Ear-Free Headphones

BATBAND is a unique headphone option that won’t be missed. The BATBAND was created so users can listen to their music privately and be aware of the sounds around them. Through a bone conduction system, transducers emit sound waves to the inner-ear. The device therefore expands the senses by enabling users to listen to twice as much at the same time.

7. Glow Laser Light Headphones

Glow headphones are illuminated with laser technology that pulsates with a user’s music. For runners who like to get around when it’s dark outside or fans of a rave, Glow headphones are an experience. These earphones make music even more of a personal expression. You practically get to wear what you’re listening to.

8. OSSIC X Calibrating Headphones

OSSIC X headphones calibrate to a user’s individual head and ear features to improve overall sound. This technology creates an immersive experience. Sounds from the OSSIC X appear to come from outside your head, instead of in your ear. These headphones were made for virtual reality, gaming, and movies.

9. Audibility Custom Fit

In 10 minutes, the Audibility Custom Fit headphones will fit the form of a user’s ear. These headphones were designer for listeners who are frustrated with headphone fit. With molding properties, these headphones stay in place and provide a noise reduced experience. Proceeds from these headphones go to support those with hearing disabilities around the world.

10. Waveport Waterproof Headphones

Swimmers have long been excluded from the benefits of music during exercise, but waveport headphones seek to change that. These earbuds are waterproof and Bluetooth for complete workout enjoyment. Not only is the material on the outside of the earbud waterproof, but some of the technology inside is as well to keep things dry and working properly.

These gift-worthy headphones are sure to make the wish lists of music-lovers and tech-fiends around the world. Ashley Chloe offers headphones that are packed with fashion and function to cater towards your individuality and on-the-go lifestyle. With a look into next level Bluetooth headphone hacks, you’ll know just how to use your wireless headphones for the ultimate experience.

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