6 Innovative Designers Preview Their Fashion Week Inspiration From Trends to Tech Elements

New York Fashion Week is one of the most highly anticipated times of the year. For fashion-lovers NYFW decides the trends that will soon dominate the fashion scene and the designers that everyone will know.

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Ahead of New York Fashion Week, Ashley Chloe spoke to the most innovative designers about their upcoming collections and the fashion trends we have to look forward to.

1. Rohitava Banerjee - Regal Strength

Rohitava Banerjee’s latest collection was inspired by the five most influential Sultans of the early Ottoman Empire. Through detailed embroidery, each section tells the story of their most notable acts as Sultan. The silhouettes throughout the collection are inspired by early Ottoman armor and weaponry, as these Sultans were both emperors and warlords.  

The color palette chosen for this collection also tells its own story. Each of the 5 sections is representative of a different time of day, in reference to the sky, ultimately representing the transition from daybreak (origins of empire) to midnight (the zenit or Golden Age of the Empire).

Rohitava’s career is echoing that of Alexander Wang’s. Rohitava debuted his first collection at New York Fashion Week earlier this year at age nineteen. The upcoming designer told the New York Post, “That was great inspiration for me, to be honest. It really does tell you that age really isn’t a factor when it comes to design or creation.” The Spring Summer 2017 collection will no doubt be a feast for the high fashion hungry.

2. I AM I - Sculptural Form

Jewelry and Adornment designer, Ami Doshi Shah‘s premise for label I AM  I, is an exploration of an adornment’s ability to create sculptural form against the body. Her designs are striking and unusual when placed on the softness and curvature of the human skin, but beautiful and artistic when isolated. On or off the body the pieces play with the elements of light, shadow, texture, pattern, material and form.

I AM I designs for the woman with a strong sense of personal style. She’s a well-travelled nomad who’s informed by fashion trends but not led by them. She wears and surrounds herself with things that make her stand out but only in the most beautiful way.

In 2013, Ami established the eponymous design label, I AM I, which marked her return to the design world after a 12-year hiatus. Ami’s love for Kenya and its human and natural beauty is a constant source of inspiration for her creative endeavours. She sources materials locally for her work and uses her technical training to work with the elements in unexpected ways bringing her artistic sensibilities to her eponymous label, I AM I. 

3. Char Glover - Streetstyle Meets High End

Charketa “Char” Glover is the fabulous designer of the RocknRemix collection. At this season’s fashion week, she’s debuting a streetstyle meets high end look. The RocknRemix collection is all about the everyday woman and offering her unique, different, yet trendy pieces.

Where have you heard the name Char Glover before? Chances are you caught Char’s season on Project Runway or have seen one of her designs on celebrities from Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child to Keyshia Cole.

RocknRemix is always adding new pieces to the collection. With a rebellious attitude towards fashion, Char Glover creates designs we’ve never seen before. For the bold fashionista, not afraid of making a statement, RocknRemix is a must-see.

4. Minan Wong - Sustainable High Fashion

Proudly designed and made in NYC, Minan Wong is a sustainable womenswear brand that offers clean luxury clothing. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s confidence and feminine strength, each design has sleek silhouettes that slim the body, while the sustainable, high-quality fabrics add a natural level of comfort for a beautiful and unrestricted feel.

Minan Wong launched her brand to offer today’s modern women sustainable clothing that can also be high fashion. The collection celebrates the strength of a woman and each piece has a purpose to support a woman through her everyday challenges.

The latest from Minan Wong embodies a sophisticated, functional and playful twist on timeless career wear. From lace details to peek-a-boo embroidered dresses and polished suits, their great design starts with sustainable materials. Whenever possible, items are made using eco-friendly elements like organic cotton, Tercel, recycled wool and recycled PET. All pieces are made in the US for fair wages and support the local economy.

5. APRELLEDUANY - Empowering Vibrancy

The APRELLEDUANY brand is inspired by the journey of life, innovation, and bringing diversity into the luxury industry. The founder’s NYC based fashion experience coupled with the heritage and beauty of Africa meld to create each stunning APRELLEDUANY handbag.

Aprelle Duany, the brand’s namesake, and founder shared her personal story of the brand’s launch. She recalled, “I was afraid to be great, and it was a sad way to live. I encourage everyone to take ownership of your greatness, do not be afraid to innovate your life. It’s scary, but on the other side of fear, there is freedom.”  

At NYFW, the luxury handbag brand will show their Weekend In Watamu Collection. Inspired by the vibrancy of Africa and the pioneers who empower us, the collection is a showstopper. APRELLEDUANY has carefully made each bag for a unique use case and extraordinary style.

6. K. RaShaé - Strong and Soft Silhouettes

K. RaShaé is a luxury women's wear fashion brand that represents confidence and beauty. Founded in New York by Kalisha Hall, K. RaShaé works to celebrate women and their uniqueness while promoting self-love and self-expression through purpose driven designs.

The love for costumes and avant-garde designs are what set K. RaShaé apart. These innovative elements are translated into wearable fashion creating the brand’s unique aesthetic. Each garment is made with high-quality tailoring details, made-to-last fabrics, bold prints and textures.

This season’s K. RaShaé collection is entitled “Versus” to represent the battles we overcome within ourselves. Boxing serves as the visual inspiration of the struggle. The silhouettes of the designs are strong and defined just as the exterior of each person fighting an internal battle. Some of the fabrics are soft, showing how the core of humans can be. K. RaShaé’s high fashion translation is beyond gorgeous and their collection is one not to miss.

Fashion Week is an incredible opportunity to showcase the creativity and innovative-thinking of upcoming designers and be inspired yourself. Fashion Week is always thinking about what’s next and that’s what the vision of Ashley Chloe is too. Fashion is always changing, but timeless style is something to hold on to. Fashion tech is bringing that timeless style to the table and transforming our experience with technology into something even more amazing.

What New York Fashion Week trends and tech elements are inspiring your style? Let us know in the comments below.

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