Are true wireless earbuds right for you?

I consider myself to be a highly motivated and goal-oriented individual.  Many of my purchases throughout the year are driven by a desire to be more efficient (think: bins, baskets, planners, & fitness trackers).  Messy spaces drive me crazy. My biggest nemesis? Tangled cords. From the tangled WiFi cords in the corner of my living room to the endless array of phone chargers I’ve managed to collect over the years, it’s only natural that I’d gravitate towards wireless products.  Naturally, I’m a huge fan of true wireless earbuds. They make my life easier in so many ways, and they would (more than likely) improve your life, too. Why do I love true wireless earbuds? Let me count the ways...


Are true wireless earbuds right for you?

My first pair of wireless earbuds were the  Ashley Chloe’s LUX.  (But more on that later.)  As someone whose primary responsibility is to write copy, I am easily distracted by talking and music.  My ideal work environment is either completely quiet, or enhanced with calming (word-free) music. I find that I’m able to think much more effectively in these conditions.  My wireless earbuds help me to create this environment. My go-to Spotify playlists for word-free music can be found here and here.   I also love the Noise Colors album on Spotify, which is a fantastic white noise resource that drowns out environmental distractions.

2. Tangled Cords.

Are true wireless earbuds right for you?

Have you ever been gleefully mid-stride and had your headphones catch on something and rip out of your ears?  This happened to me one too many times before I decided to live my life blissfully wire-free.  Besides being horribly embarrassing, it also completely tore me from my focus and hindered me from achieving that elusive “runner’s high”.  Now, during my runs at the beautiful Lake Merritt here in the SF Bay Area, (or on a treadmill, when the weather has betrayed me), I enjoy the convenience of true wireless earbuds.  There is no more untangling wires prior to my workout, or limiting my movement to avoid disaster. When I’m done, I pop them back in their charging case, and get on with my bad self.

3. Compact size.

Why is it that most things in this world are designed with men in mind?  Can you imagine my dismay when I sat in a Mustang for the first time, and couldn’t even elevate myself high enough to see above the dashboard?  Luckily, the tech world has caught on to this monstrous injustice. I’m not just talking about products marketed towards women for no good reason (i.e. fruit-scented razors).  I’m talking about true wireless earbuds that are small enough to fit in women’s ears!  Research shows that the female ear is approximately 2mm shorter than that of a male.  Fortunately, LUX true wireless earbuds are designed to suit smaller ears (female or not).  To put things in perspective, Bose SoundSport Free true wireless earbuds are 1.2 inches (30.48) in depth, while Ashley Chloe LUX is a mere 0.55 inches (13.97mm)!

4. Wireless is the future.

Phone Evolution

Ever since Apple killed the 3.5mm headphone jack with the release of the iPhone 7, wireless tech has had to step its game up.   When true wireless earbuds were still in their infancy, many users experienced frustrating connectivity issues.  Fortunately, we have come a long way since then. True wireless technology has experienced a huge boost in connectivity thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. Who’s to say that all technology won’t require Bluetooth compatible devices in the future?  You know what they say… It’s better to stay ahead of the curve!

5. Aesthetically pleasing.

Not to throw shade, but Apple AirPods are just not my cup of tea, aesthetically speaking.  I know I’m not alone in this, because they received a lot of criticism following their release in September of 2016. I prefer a more minimal approach when it comes to fashion, choosing accessories that add to my overall look instead of distracting from it. The tech I choose should be the same!  LUX’s minimal design ensures that the earbuds protrude only slightly out of the ear, making them nearly undetectable.

6. Lifestyle driven.

As I mentioned before, my goal-oriented nature pulls me in many different directions.  I have a full time career, live an active lifestyle, and am passionate about music. True wireless earbuds work for each facet of my life.  They enable me to be productive at work, and they remain securely in-place during frequent runs and while lifting weights. Most importantly, they offer a premium sound while still being completely wire-free.

Curious about the inner-workings of true wireless earbuds?  If so, stay tuned for the next blog on the Ashley Chloe Collective, where I will be diving into more technical aspects of true wireless tech!  Please leave your comments down below if you have any questions or suggestions about what you’d like to read about next!

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