Father’s Day Gifts Ideas For Cool Dads: Wearables, Smart Devices, & More

Cool dads deserve cool gifts for Father’s Day. In this new age of technological advancement, ties just aren’t going to cut it. For this Father’s Day, we’re letting you in on the coolest new gadgets that dad will fall for.

Whether your dad is into tech, travel, or even brews, we’ve got Father’s Day gift ideas that will impress him for years to come.

Helix Cuff Wearable Headphones

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

There’s no doubt that dad is done dealing with tangled, often lost headphones. Everyone is. Help your dad kick those annoying headphones to the curb with Helix Cuff. The Helix Cuff is the world’s first smart wearable with built-in Bluetooth headphones.

Your headphones won’t get lost or tangled when they are wrapped around a sleek wearable instantly accessible on your wrist. While dad may not wear many accessories, it’s time he added on to his collection. Whether your dad is always traveling, loves music, lives for gaming, or just needs better entertainment during a long commute, Helix Cuff is the answer for easy-to-use, high quality headphones accessed instantly from the wrist.

The Helix Cuff’s headphones are packed with technological power. Noise cancelling capabilities, Bluetooth 4.1,  cVc noise reduction, aptX high quality sound make these headphones an exceptional listening experience. Banish bad headphones with the Helix Cuff and dad will be thanking you for ages.

SYNEK Countertop Beer on Draft

Image Credit: SYNEK

Image Credit: SYNEK

SYNEK has created a machine that makes accessing every beer in the world fresh from the tap  possible in your own home. From the best local brews to international favorites, they are all available at your every desire.

Your beer won’t lose it’s quality with SYNEK. All you have to do is fill your SYNEK bag from any tap, your beer of choice will be perfectly chilled and pressurized, then serve at your every convenience.

SYNEK is a Father’s Day gift that your dad will be loving all year long. It’s convenience and quality all-in-one. If you aren’t already, this gift could win you favorite child status.

SmartHalo Smart Bike System

Image Credit: SmartHalo

Image Credit: SmartHalo

SmartHalo is a dream for urban cyclists. The smart bike’s intuitive, circular navigation system shows the quickest, safest routes to your destination. From fitness tracking to call notifications and weather alerts, SmartHalo has your biking needs in mind. And when you’re not around, SmartHalo keeps your bike safe from thieves.

The SmartHalo uses a military grade locking system to secure the device on any bike, so you don’t have to constantly remove it like other accessories. The makers of SmartHalo have evolutionized biking.

The modern biker will have everything they desire in SmartHalo. For dads who can’t get enough of trailblazing on an urban bike, SmartHalo will have them floored with excitement.

Sensel Morph: Multi-Touch Interaction

Image Credit: Sensel

Image Credit: Sensel

The Sensel Morph is an input device that changes the way you interact with computers and programs. Patented pressure grid technology allows the Sensel Morph to detect a myriad of objects from a paintbrush to a drum stick.

Sensel Morph literally morphs with your activities. With the impressive input device you can capture painting digitally, make music, get a way better gaming experience, create through Arduino, and develop with ease.

For the dad that’s a jack of all trades or just seriously passionate about gaming or making, the Sensel Morph is an incredible gadget. Your dad can’t do much with a tie, but with the Sensel Morph, the possibilities are practically endless.

Hexo+ Self-Flying Camera

Image Credit: Hexo+

Image Credit: Hexo+

Aerial filming meets self-flying drones with the epic Hexo+. With this ingenious device, you can create incredible film with no cameraman, no pilot, and no headache. All it takes is a simple three step process. You’ll select your camera movement, do your thing and let Hexo+ capture it, then collect and share your clips.

This crazy invention makes aerial filming available to anyone. It’s easy to use and designed for action. Integrated with the GoPro, you’ll use the best action camera around to capture film from the skies.

Whether dad is into extreme sports, filming, or just messing around, Hexo+ will change his world. Gift dad with the Hexo+ or make it a venture together and spend some quality time getting amazing aerial shots.

The Flying Tent

Image Credit: The Flying Tent

Image Credit: The Flying Tent

The Flying Tent is a floating tent, bivy tent, hammock, and poncho all in one making it an outdoor essential. Adventurers can use the Flying Tent to set up camp between two trees or on the ground. With it’s water resistant fly and mosquito net, you’ll be more than comfortable and when it starts to pour, you’ll have a rain poncho handy.

Outdoor adventure camping is completely transformed with the Flying Tent. Gear is shifting towards being much more convenient and designed with your needs in mind. For the outdoorsman, the Flying Tent is a dream. Get two Flying Tents and you can enjoy an entirely new camping experience together. 

It’s time to celebrate cool dads and with these gifts you’ll make their lives even cooler. Make this Father’s Day one to remember and spoil dad with the coolest gifts around. You may even get in on the fun and spoil yourself too.

What do you love about your dad? Share your favorite things in the comments below.

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