The Helix Cuff by Ashley Chloe Debuts on Kickstarter as the Ultimate Fusion of Fashion and Function in Wearable Technology

SAN FRANCISCO — July 20, 2015— It’s a challenge today to remain fashion forward amidst the wires, cords, and plug-ins it takes to stay fully connected. Digital fashion accessories brand Ashley Chloe™ is confronting this challenge head-on with the stylishly innovative new Helix™ Cuff (, its flagship wearable tech accessory for seamlessly connecting your active modern lifestyle. Helix (#HelixCuff) makes its debut today through a Kickstarter campaign.

Helix ensures you never again find yourself in an ugly mess of tangled headphone cords. Created under the direction of former Nest and Nokia designer Mika Nenonen, Helix has a breakthrough form that unites the functional nature of wearable technology with sleek aesthetics. From your home, to the office, about town and to the gym, the unisex Helix Cuff is the first product of its kind to keep music lovers and other audiophiles stylishly and conveniently connected, without compromising either fashion sense or sound quality.

“What do you do with your headphones when they’re not plugged into your device?” asked Angela Pan, founder and CEO of Ashley Chloe. “It can take minutes to unravel the knot of cords! Helix changes that. Our goal is to make carrying headphones fashionable and convenient, which Helix does by delivering a premium sound quality headset hidden inside a beautiful cuff. The human wrist is valuable real estate, but both fashionistas and athletes alike will be proud to wear Helix.”   

Helix harnesses Bluetooth® short-range wireless technology to pair high-fidelity in-ear headphones stored within a wrist cuff with your favorite iOS and Android mobile, wearable or smart devices. The unique looping design of Helix allows you to wrap the connecting cord for the headphones into a groove on the wrist cuff when the headset is not in use. A tiny, discreet cache on the cuff provides on-the-go storage for the headphones. Helix offers stereo-sound quality, a built-in microphone with track/call controls, and battery standby time up to 200 hours. 

The Helix Cuff is offered in three unisex color selections: white, black and bright red. Metal embellishments in 18K gold, champagne gold, or silver aluminum are delicately placed to cover the storage cache for the wireless signal receiver and the in-ear headphones when not in use.

Headphones on Your Wrist Deliver Fashion and Function with a Twist

This new wearable accessory has been crafted through an innovative collaboration of fashion consultants with an elite engineering team experienced in consumer electronics design and hardware at companies such as Nest, Nokia, IBM and Lenovo. The Helix celebrates the impressive technical achievement of integrating ultra-tiny in-ear headphones with high-fidelity sound and speaker components into the softly curved and looping form factor of a cuff.

“Fundamentally, the marriage of fashion and functional design to create a storage element for headphones simply didn’t exist,” said Mika Nenonen, the chief designer of the Helix Cuff. “Our incredibly talented team carefully shaped the curvature of the Helix band, keeping in mind the delicate nature and flexibility required to coil around the human wrist. With a perfectly structured look and feel, we aimed to make Helix an accessory that cleverly masks its technological power so both men and women can wear it with complete comfort and versatility.”

As constantly tangled headphone cords are an omnipresent issue in the digital age, it may come as a surprise that such an essential accessory has never before been created. Amidst the wearables market, which is overflowing with fitness trackers, biomarkers, and smart watches, there has never existed a complementary accessory allowing you to effortlessly store your headphones while keeping them with you at all times—until Helix.

Exclusively Available Through Kickstarter

The Helix Cuff will debut on Kickstarter to benefit from a closer connection with the site’s progressive community. The Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal of $100,000, with donation options starting at $1. Ashley Chloe is offering multiple customer reward tiers for those interested in supporting the development of Helix, or in gaining first access to the accessory. Backers choosing to become part of the project will have the unique opportunity to bring the vision of the Helix Cuff to life.

Kickstarter supporters have the exclusive right to purchase the classic Helix Cuff discounted to $149, or $269 for the deluxe 18K gold edition. There are a limited number of classic Helix Cuffs available for an early bird pledge of $99. After the Kickstarter campaign closes on September 17, 2015, the Helix will be sold initially through the Ashley Chloe website at an MSRP of $199, or $299 for the 18K gold cuff.

Visit the Ashley Chloe website or Kickstarter campaign page to make your contribution and see your reward options. Watch the Helix Cuff video

About Ashley Chloe

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ashley Chloe caters to fashion-forward individuals who crave sleek digital accessories designed expressly for the modern lifestyle. With its world-class product design and engineering teams, Ashley Chloe bridges the gap between high fashion and functional form. Its aesthetically pleasing accessories for iOS and Android™  mobile, wearable and smart devices seamlessly combine performance with style and convenience. Visit us at or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (@ashleychloeinc).

San Francisco based startup Ashley Chloe caters to fashion-forward individuals who crave sleek digital accessories that combine performance with style and convenience. With its world-class product design and engineering teams, Ashley Chloe bridges the gap between high fashion and functional form.

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