HGTV’s John Colaneri Talks with Fashion Tech Startup Ashley Chloe on Being a Dad and Having a Successful Profession

Ashley Chloe had the pleasure of meeting John Colaneri at Brit+Co SF. John hosted the event and stopped by the Ashley Chloe booth where he first saw the Helix Cuff and shared that “as a frequent traveller who’s always on the phone and listening to music, the Helix Cuff will be an ideal wearable headphone for me to carry.” Since then, John has become a supporter and friend of Ashley Chloe.

Angela Pan, the Founder of Ashley Chloe, agrees with John on the importance of family. She believes, like John, that family is a supporting pillar that helps entrepreneurs thrive. As an entrepreneur, Angela has been impressed by how much effort John puts into his work as a father, businessman and entrepreneur. His kind of hard work is an inspiration and reminder of how important it is to push yourself.

When we think of someone who is all about family and a successful father and entrepreneur, our thoughts turn to our friend John Colaneri. Ashley Chloe spoke with John on what it’s like having a career and being a dad and what being a dad means to him. John shared his wisdom openly and honestly and whether you’re a viewer of John’s or just starting to learn more about him, you’ll enjoy hearing how John’s point of view on parenthood and having a successful career has inspired Ashley Chloe.

Finding Balance Begins with Family

A family portrait of John with his wife Jennifer, and daughter, Lilyan Belle

A family portrait of John with his wife Jennifer, and daughter, Lilyan Belle

“Being a dad is the hardest job I’ve ever had.” John shared honestly. Balancing work and family with John’s hectic schedule definitely isn’t easy.

For America’s Most Desperate Kitchen’s John is traveling all over the country, sometimes for months at a time. Facetime is a huge part of John’s life while he’s on the road and he makes sure to check in on his family every day while he’s away.

“When you’re travelling a lot, it’s almost double the work. Travelling to locations, getting on a plane, hotel food, it all wears you down...Your family balances you out.”

When he does have time at home, John’s family becomes his focus and he spends as much time with them as he can. This time is restorative and grounding.

It’s no secret that John’s passionate about what he does. “I love to work and do it as much as possible, but if you do hard work, make sure you do come home and have that downtime.” John recognizes how important family is in being balanced. Spending time with his wife and daughter is his source of relaxation and renewal after an intense time of being focused on his work.

How Being a Parent Impacts Success

John pictured with his cousin and business partner, Anthony Carrino

John pictured with his cousin and business partner, Anthony Carrino

“Being a dad has 100% impact my career.” John commented. “Before you think of taking care of yourself. When you’re raising a child, you’re constantly checking on them. They depend on you for everything.” This kind of outward thinking has had a great impact on John and what he does everyday.

In a similar way, John’s work also impacts his family life. “All of our shows are very inspiring. We’re doing good. We’re constantly showing people, pay it forward, it’s not all about yourself. Being able to do that on the show, it translates to the home.”

Angela of Ashley Chloe shared, “John is very supportive. From the people he helps transform their homes to growing startups like Ashley Chloe, he’s always giving back. His encouragement as an influencer in society and a fellow entrepreneur has meant so much to us.”

Focusing on work that’s so service-oriented, also changes John’s point of view at home. At work, he’s all about the people he’s helping and at home, he’s all about his family. With his unique profession, John has a different point of view when he turns in for the day.

“I want my daughter to see how hard I’ve worked to help people.” John explained. This motivation has likely pushed John to dive even deeper into the service aspect of his work. There’s no doubt that John will be thinking about his daughter and what he’ll teach her by example as he rehabs and restores homes across America for America’s Most Desperate Kitchens.

John described, “When you first become a parent, you see you’re a role model and how important you are in your child’s life.” John mentioned how when you’re with your spouse, they have already grown into who they are, but when you have a child, their development is greatly affected by what you teach them.

The Right Time to Become a Parent

Check out my cool new leather jacket! Daddy and I match! 😀

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“It’s a very personal decision for everybody.” John believes. Being a parent is a big responsibility and it’s not a journey to embark on just because it seems like you should.

“Do it because you’re in a place in your career where it feels comfortable. You have a wife or partner you’re comfortable with and knowing that you can create a great home and family for this child.” John tells us there are a lot of things to consider when making the decision.

While it’s important to wait for the right time, John assures future parents that becoming a parent is worth it. “To me, being a parent is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s made me a better person.” He shared. Being a parent is a huge step towards selflessness and nurturing life.

“It’s a very different bond you have with your own child, shaping another human’s life. That’s the greatest commitment to have.” It’s clear John is crazy about his daughter. The pairs matching outfits and smiling faces give us a peek into what their family life is like.

“I have to become better for my daughter because I have to be a role model for her.” John said. Things change when you become a parent in so many ways, while some make life more difficult, ultimately they make things better, including yourself.

John commented, “There’s no rulebook. You’ll get gifts of books that tell you how to be a dad, but you have to find your own way as a parent. It’s about finding your own path.” John has certainly found his way of parenting being an example and loving without bounds.

Life Lessons From Dad

John pictured for HGTV

John pictured for HGTV

“My father taught me to always do my best and always give my all.” John tells us. While John was involved in a lot of sports, he wasn’t the fastest, the tallest, but he had a lot of heart.

“I take that and translate it into my work. I may not be the smartest, cleverest, but I’m the hardest worked day in and day out.” John’s determination and heart is clear in the work he does.

A lot goes on in John’s work that the viewers don’t see. “People are surprised how much work I do on the show.” John remarked. “It pushes the team.” John clearly puts his heart into all aspects of his life.

On business endeavors, John observed, “Entrepreneurs, small businesses, they are the ones that do the hard work. Putting everything on the line. I think everybody should have the opportunity to see what it’s like for small business entrepreneurs. I have failed as many times as I have succeeded. The only way I’ve learned and grounded is by failing. That’s what translates to being a father. It makes you better.”

The final thing John shared with us where his hopes for his daughter. “I just want her to love, love what she does and have so much passion in doing it.” John revealed. “If you don’t have passion in your job every day. It’s just another job.”

John is incredibly inspirational in his home and in his work. To keep in touch with what the hard-working father and HGTV star is up to, check out his Instagram or Twitter both with the handle @ColaneriJohn.

We’re looking forward to watching John’s new show, America’s Most Desperate Kitchens, starting July 13th at 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm ET/PT on HGTV.

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