How To Turn your iPhone into an iPod in Honor of iPod Day

The Legend

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Apple wouldn’t be where it is today without the initial popularity of the classic iPod. While we may not be fighting over the iPod anymore, who’s to say we aren’t a little nostalgic?

In September 2014, Apple discontinued its once paramount iPod classic due to problems sourcing several of the key components. At least that’s what the officials say. They went on to claim that redesigning the iPod wouldn’t happen because of low-demand. All very likely and true statements.

But what Apple didn’t know is that the discontinued product soon caused a frenzy. In a cliche want what you can’t have philosophy,  everyone flocked to eBay to get one of the vintage players. Prices quickly went up for iPods rising past its original price of $300 and consumers went back to their early 2000s roots.

Apple led to major innovation in technology. Apple's approach to consumer products is fundamentally different from most other companies who work in their space. Just years after the iPhone and iTouch, wearable technology has become a huge industry. That’s where Ashley Chloe comes in. Ashley Chloe bridges the gap between high fashion and functional form. Apple music devices are used every day making headphones necessary. The Helix Cuff comes in to make using headphones so much more convenient. The unique design of Helix allows you to wrap the connecting cord for the headphones into a groove on the cuff while you are traveling or on the go. Imagine no more tangled earbuds, that’s exactly what it’s like with Helix. The Helix Cuff  provides on-the-go access and to connects to smartphones like the new iPhone 6s to play your music without annoying cords.

Will iPods be the next record players? Probably not. But they do make for an interesting conversation piece.

The App

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The truth is that Apple never thought the iPod would be a long-lasting device. They knew as early as 2003 that the iPod would fall out of fashion. What they may not have expected is the demand it would have from consumers years and years later.

This is where Click Wheel Keyboard comes in.

Developer Adam Bell created the app to simulate the beloved click wheel of the iPod classic. The app description explains, “Typing with two hands is such a chore, who needs extra complexity when writing? Simply scroll through all characters and emoji with this super retro keyboard!”

Whether you’re actually interested in typing using a click wheel is up for debate. But why not try it out for a day? Time travel back to the early 2000s for a day and honor your love of the unforgettable iPod.

While Apple’s latest focus might be on wearable technology and electric cars, we’ll always remember the iPod.

Fun Facts

What do you know about iPod history? Here are a few fun facts about the iPod to remind you of the joys of early Apple innovation.

  1. It’s illegal to play your iPod over 100 decibels in France.

  2. The iPod sold over 41 million units by 2006.

  3. iPod batteries last between 14-28 days if they’re not played at all.

  4. You can buy a vacuum with built-in iPod speakers.

  5. The World’s most expensive iPod costs $231,776.

  6. Four major airlines agreed to install iPod connections in their seats in 2007.

  7. Apple made the iPod because digital music players are "unbelievably awful"

  8. The original iPod was advertised as capable of holding 1,000 songs in your pocket.

  9. The name iPod was proposed by freelance copywriter Vinnie Chieco who was inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  10. The fifth generation iPod came with a volume limit to address hearing concerns.

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Who knows what Apple product will be the next to be discontinued? What’s your guess? Just enjoy your iPhone knowing it could be next! Hello, hologram watch. Do you remember the first iPod? Let us know in the comments. Happy iPod Day!