More Than A Trend - The Go To Athleisure Styles Of 2017

What’s one of the biggest clothing "trends" in 2017? Believe it or not, haute couture and street wear are coming together to meet at loungewear. Athleisure apparel is quickly becoming a top mainstay in fashion culture. It’s functional, stylish and 100 % comfortable. Bounce out of the gym and into the streets in wear that’s athletic and casual, all in one. Take a look at what's in and grab some new pieces for your casual activewear. 

This spring, athleisure wear takes on a new level of attitude. Designers such as Alexander Wang, DKNY, Versace and Dior are showcasing the new trend with their designs. Sports inspired apparel have more modern updates using subtle fabric contrast with a touch of bare-skin sexy, sleek designs. Less spandex and more streamlined, stylish outfits are the new in.

The Biggest Trends?

Minimal block patterned leggings, matching sets, joggers, and of course, multi-functionality are the new go-to. Looking to update your athleisure wardrobe with a few new pieces? Key pieces of clothing consisting of part gym wear and part standard office attire that are comfy and fashion-forward are all you need to complete your lookWe've listed a few key pieces to add to your athleisure wear for 2017!

Outdoor Voices Slashback Crop and ¾ Tri-Tone Warm Up Leggings

Look put together and ready for anything (even if it's just errands) by grabbing matching sets for a variety of choices and colors.

Aquatalia ‘Aralic’ Designer Sneaker

Slap on a pair of subtly styled sneakers. With so many styles, colors and textures to choose from, comfortable sneakers have the power to pull an entire outfit together.

Helix Cuff

Your on-the-go style will need on-the-go function. Sport a Helix Cuff so you can take your calls and listen to your music while handling business. Eliminate the need for wires and plugging in. Place your headphones right on your wrist and you're good to go! 

ASOS New Look Sweater

Don't think the men aren't getting in on the athleisure wear. They've been donning athleisure looks long before it became a trend. Slim cut sweatshirts designed with moisture wicking and hi-tech materials, add a casual flair to any outfit. Pair it with a bomber jacket, blazer or sweater to sharpen the look.  

H&M Black Joggers

The tailored jogger is a key athleisure staple to any wardrobe. Dress them up, not down. Pair them with a button down shirt or a jacket for an effortless look.

Beyond Yoga Leggings

Upgrade the old black leggings into a stylish set. Don a more modern graphic quality with the Beyond Yoga attire.

Adidas Run Convertible Backpack

If you're looking for fashion and functionality, the Adidas backpack is another accessory to add to your street wear look. Throw this backpack over your shoulder or twist it into a stylish fanny pack for storage convenience. If you're headed to the gym, this backpack is perfect for storing all your athleisure wear. 

With all the new available athleisure looks this 2017, you'll be able to get your hands on any style that suits your comfort and fashion needs. The casual look that reverberates with busy schedules, healthy lifestyles and the new relaxed standard of dress, is here to stay.  

How are you going to personalize your new updated look in the coming months?