The Coolest Wearables You'll Want To Own in 2017

With the New Year almost upon us, many of us are looking to start fresh. For many, “living a healthier lifestyle” always ranks high in resolutions. If you’re looking to be more healthier this coming 2017, here are some top innovative wearables that you’ll really want to get your hands on. Stress less in the New Year and let these multifunctional devices help with your new goals.  

FitBit Blaze

The FitBit Blaze touts a stylish look with its smart functionality. Like all the other FitBit products before it, the Blaze comes with the basics of phone connectivity, steps, and sleep tracking. But don’t be fooled, this new product also allows it’s users to FitStar workouts which will display step by step instructions and workout coaching right on your wrist. The Blaze is also smarter as it can enter various modes including running, biking, and cardio for more accurate stats. After each workout, the FitBit Blaze can also report a summary of each progress both in exercise and in weekly goals. Stay on track and see how well you’re doing in the year, this wearable provides many tools to help.

Helix Cuff

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc. 

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc. 

The Helix Cuff is the first bluetooth wearable out on the market. With it’s sleek and splashproof design, users can wear it with their gym attire or casual wear. If you’re looking to make mid-day walking breaks a habit, the Helix Cuff makes the perfect companion. Bluetooth headphones hiding in the casing provide multipoint connectivity and sound control. Jam to your favorite tunes or take important calls while you're making sure you keep your body active with this stylish and portable wearable.


The Lumo Lift Posture Coach is an activity tracker that helps monitor the way you sit and stand. While you can track steps, distance, and calories burned, the Lumo Lift focuses on an individual’s posture. If you’re sitting all day in an office, the Lumo can help improve the way you sit by its gentle vibrations when you slouch. Just pin the wearable on your shirt using its magnetic clasp and the wearable, along with its accompanying app can help improve your sitting habits. With this wearable, you can set a posture target and start improving your health even when you’re inactive throughout the day.


Spire is the first wearable to track breathing patterns. While we can track various aspects of health, breathing is the one thing many people often neglect to improve. According to Spire and 7 years of research in Stanford's Calming Technology Lab, breathing properly has a dramatic impact on our mental and physical health. With proper breathing, individuals can increase their focus, positive moods, and sleep. Spire Tracker and it’s accompanying app can detect tense breathing, which can then remind the user to breathe properly. The app itself also comes with a library of guided meditations to teach users the best practices. Besides this, Spire can also track physical activity and step goals. If you’re looking to improve both physical and mental health, the Spire could be just the right gadget.


The Leaf Tracker, like many other trackers, can help track activity and sleep, but this tracker was made specially with women in mind. The Leaf Tracker is designed with natural materials and a battery that can last 6 months. The Leaf Tracker’s app allows users to track their steps and calories, teaches users proper meditation exercises, and most importantly can track a woman’s reproductive health system. For a woman looking to keep track of all aspects of her physical and mental health, the Leaf Tracker is an excellent choice. 

Start your new year right with these top innovative wearables! 

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