The 5 Easiest Ways To Meditate During A Busy Work Week

Your busy bustling life calls for a break in the work week. You don’t need to wait for the weekend to take a step back from all the stress. Follow the 5 simple steps below to make it easier to meditate during your work week. 

Sunrise yoga

Easy Ways To Meditate Work

Get your day going with some mindful exercise—rise with the sunshine and hit the mats for some therapeutic stretching and sweating. By the time class is over you’ll have forgotten your early wake up and will be ready to attack the work day refreshed and rejuvenated. Stop by a juice bar on the way to the office to pick up the perfect drink to keep your good vibes flowing.


Track your meditation with Calm and Headspace

Calm-app Work Meditate.jpg

Subscribe to one of these, or both, meditation apps to help you stay on track with your meditation, relaxation, breathing, and sleeping. Use them anywhere, anytime to enjoy 7 to 15 minute sessions on mindfulness, sleep, stress, or dozens of focused meditations you can try at your desk. Even if your busy work week is limited in time, you can set aside as little as 7 minutes to refresh. Easily set alerts on the app so that you never miss a day, and are able to truly foster mindfulness


Lunchtime stroll through the park

Lunch Meditation

Pack a picnic to take with you to a nearby park for lunch. Make sure to schedule lunch into your busy day so it doesn’t end up being eaten at your desk in a frenzy—this should be your time to reflect, relax and reload yourself before a productive afternoon of tying up loose ends. Believe it or not, a simple walk to reflect on your day can be the easiest way to meditate. 


Plugin to your favorite tunes

Rainy day? Plugin to your favorite Bluetooth headphones, the Helix Cuff, and jam out in the comfort of your own office by blasting some sunny day pick-me-ups. Stylishly subtle, the Helix Cuff is an office goer’s best friend. Keep your headphones on your wrist when not in use, and pull out of the wristband once you're ready to jam out. *Bonus* the Helix Cuff works with advanced sound technology to block out excess noise—perfect when you have chatty neighbors.


Take a tea break

Feeling like you’re in a tizzy and just can’t seem to do a single productive thing? Step away from your desk to make some hot tea with honey. Let the steam cleanse the stress out of your day. Step away from your desk, take a few minutes to enjoy this warm drink, and meditate .

Do you know any other methods of meditation during a busy schedule? Let us know in the comments below!