The Top 7 Chic, Functional and Fun Travel Gear of 2017

Traveling this summer? Make sure to pack all the 2017 travel must-haves. WIth these chic, functional, and absolutely fun travel essentials, you’ll be sure to have the most magical trip yet. From backpacks to portable stereos, here are your top 7 most needed items!

Be Smart and Snappy with Everlane’s Modern Snap Backpack

Travel Backpack 2017

Not only is a backpack a functional item of travel gear, but Everlane’s stylish cotton twill design is sure to add a cosmopolitan edge to your outfit. Think of this investment as a way to keep you hands-free while you travel, to take selfies, try delicious new foods, or just dance around without any worries at all.

Rock Out On The Road With The Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo

Gold Rowkin Bit Charge

The perfect combination of functional, fun and chic. The Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo is both a pair of portable bluetooth earbuds, as well as a charging port for USBs and iPhones so you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice while navigating across the country on Google Maps. Waterproof, Siri activated, and available in various colors—this device is ready to go as a functional and fun travel gear!


Sit Pretty On Your Sandless Beach Mat

Sandless Summer Beach Mat

Dip your toes in the sand while you lay back on this revolutionary beach lover’s must-have. The Sandless Beach Mat is literally unable to be covered with sand, making for the perfect picnic blanket or tanner’s paradise. Tired of being covered in sand like a jelly donut when you get out of the water? Try out this handy towel and relax on this mat to soak up some sand-free sun!


A Functional & Fun Travel Adapter for Wherever The Wind Might Take You

Travel Adapter 2017

Sometimes it’s best to book a one-way ticket and see where it takes you—if that’s the case, make sure to pack the Flight 5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter + USB. With a lifeline to the electronic world it’s much easier to enjoy your travels. *Fun fact: the cube’s colors correspond with a world map that comes on the box so you can easily figure out which plug to use even if you’re a bit jet-lagged and loopy. Definitely a fun travel gear must-have!


Stay Organized With The Voyageur Medina Travel Kit by TUMI

TUMI Travel Kit

Bring everything you need—without the mess! Pack your makeup, shampoo, face cleanser, perfume, jewelry, cotton balls or anything else you might need into separate pockets of this fun floral travel bag. Easily fit all your favorite travel items in a chic bag!


Stay In Touch With The Helix Cuff

Male Helix Cuff

Ready to explore a new city while listening to your favorite jams from back home? This 2017, Look no further than the Helix Cuff —a revolutionary set of headphones. Stroll through unfamiliar streets with this fashionable, high quality Bluetooth wearable device. Easy to take anywhere, the Helix Cuff is a must-have for people who are constantly exploring new places.


Island Chic? Try the Chi Escape Cordless Hair Styling Iron

Headed for a glamorous getaway on a reclusive island for your summer getaway? Make sure to pack your own personal cordless hair styling iron just in case they don’t have what you’re looking for. This personal styling tool can be of assistance for more than just your travels—use it in the car, at the airport, or even in the bathroom before an important interview to touch-up your look on the fly—and it can go days without being recharged!

Wherever you're headed this summer, make sure to grab these items to make traveling and adventuring 10 times easier! Do you have travel gear recommendations? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter via @ashleychloeinc!