The Ultimate Olympics Playlist + How Host Countries Have Made Their Mark

The Olympics are an incredibly exciting time with the world coming together to watch the planet’s greatest athletes. Underscoring this excitement are the game’s theme songs. While each host country chooses an official theme song, countries around the world will choose their own songs to inspire their team and supporters.

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Image Credit: Sarah Galvan Photographe

Image Credit: Sarah Galvan Photographe

Enjoy this look into the ultimate Olympic playlist and imagine what it would be like listening to it on the Helix Cuff. With Bluetooth 4.1, aptX high quality audio, and noise cancellation features, these songs will sound better than ever before.

The Olympics 2016: Soul & Heart & Katy Perry

The official Brazil Olympic Committee has chosen a unique track for their theme song pick. Mixing samba and rap with samba star Thiaguinho, rapper Projota, and the electronic duo Tropkillaz, "Alma e Coração (Soul and Heart)" is a fast, fun theme song for 2016.

The producing label’s CEO, Marcelo Soares, told Billboard how the group got their song chosen as the official pick. “It was pretty simple: Last year the Olympic Committee put together an RFP (recommendation for proposal) to choose a music label for the games, and we were chosen. We compose and produce official tracks and a score, and we’ve already released four different compilation albums based on the Olympics in four distinct Brazilian genres.”

The artists of "Alma e Coração (Soul and Heart)" are 100% Brazilian and a great show of the diversity and talent of Brazil. While Heart & Soul is the official song of Rio 2016, the U.S. came up with its own addition. Katy Perry recorded “Rise” as NBC’s official Olympic song and it will play along with their coverage of the games. NBC is even making “Rise” a mini-movie that will play in theaters around the United States.

Brazil has made several changes to the Olympic games including the addition of Rugby 7s and Golf. The country is taking the opportunity to use the games to showcase their vibrant culture with festivals including Indigenous Cultures where various Brazilian ethnic groups in Rio participate in sports and cultural activities and the Popular Culture Festival, which will be hosted in various locations of Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, and Baixada Fluminense with performances by popular street performance groups.

The Olympics 2012: London’s Muse

The London Olympics Committee loved Muse’s “Survival” for the theme song of their games. The Associated Press deemed the song a “thundering rock anthem”. The song’s sound largely emulates that of Queen with an unmistakable Muse influence. It played as athletes entered the stadium in the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies and left behind a distinct impression.

Celebrations in London after the games were huge. In fact, for every gold medal won in the Olympic and Paralympic games, the Royal Mail painted a postbox gold in the winner’s hometown. The United Kingdom’s Queen was also involved in the fanfare. Celebrating the Olympics and The 50th Anniversary of James Bond, Daniel Craig escorted the Queen to the opening ceremonies in a helicopter.

The Olympics 2008: Beijing Welcomes All

The official theme song of the 2008 Olympics, “You and Me” was performed during the opening ceremony by Chinese singer Liu Huan and British singer Sarah Brightman. The duo sang for an estimated audience of over one billion viewers.

While you may not have realized it, rain was pouring everywhere in Beijing except the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremonies. It is a tradition in Beijing to seed the clouds and produce rain before public holidays. The Olympics coincided with this event and to ensure that thousands of athletes didn’t get soaked during the opening ceremonies, ingenious officials used rockets fired over the stadium to prevent the rain from falling there. Silver iodide released from the rockets dispersed the rain over the stadium and ensured that everyone remained dry.

The Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies

After going through the extensive process of applying to be a host country, including exhibiting venues, planning for transportation, infrastructure improvement, and security policies, the country’s Olympic Committee must plan that elaborate opening and closing ceremonies. Brazil’s Olympic officials made sure that the job would get done well by hiring Brazilian film directors and producers who’ve had experience working with the London Olympics. Instead of opting for a high tech show, the committee agreed to focus on originality and worked with over 6,000 volunteers to choreograph a dance.

The planning of the opening and closing ceremonies includes organizing timing, music, speakers, dancers, attendants, security, the flag parade, and more. In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, they definitely put on a good show, which included one ‘man of the future’ flying in on a jet pack. The 2012 London Olympics featured numerous renowned music artists and hilarious British humor. These events set the tone for the games to follow and invite all who watch to appreciate the unity and pride of the Olympics.

More Theme Songs to Add to Your Playlist

We could go on and on about the Olympics and their power-packed anthems. Check out these theme songs from the past three decades.

The Olympics 2004 Athens - Bond “Explosive”

The Olympics 2000 Sydney - Tina Arena and the Sydney Children’s Choir “The Flame”

The Olympics 1996 Atlanta - Celine Dion “Power of the Dream”

The Olympics 1992 Barcelona - Freddie Mercury & Monserrat Caballé “Barcelona”

The Olympics 1988 Seoul - Whitney Houston “One Moment in Time”

The Olympics 1984 Los Angeles - Paul Engemann, Giorgio Moroder “Reach Out”

Have a favorite Olympic theme song? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to see how it sounds on Helix Cuff!

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