Trending: Practical, Comfortable, Casual Work Clothes

Whether you’re in the market for new work clothes to spice up your wardrobe, or you’re looking to find comfort in your everyday outfits and shoes, this is the list for you. Combine casual, comfortable and trendy all in one when you step into the office next Monday.

Sneakers are chic


Sneakers have forever been the comfy, practical shoe choice—what you make sure to pack for weekend trips where you know there will be lots of walking. But what about in the workplace? Sneaker chic trends have soared in the last year, making it A-OK to sport your finest pair of kicks around the halls. Try these Adidas on for size.

Color could not be hotter


Office wear is typically associated with neutral colors—creams, tans, nudes, blacks, greys, and whites. This summer, the splash of color we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Don’t be afraid to buy that hot pink blazer, or those bright yellow trousers, because you’re sure to rock them in the summer sun!

Athleisure is not just a fad, so join the movement!


What began as just a fad a few years ago, has turned into an athleisure movement surrounding the trend of athletically inspired clothes. Just because something feels comfy enough to work out in, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it to the office. Growing from brands like LuluLemon into work athleisure brands like Gucci—athleisure has taken casual comfortable work wear to a whole new level.

Stretch technology has reached a whole new level


With recent advances in technology, we can say goodbye to the stiff, uncomfortable fashions of the 60s and 70s and hello to casual, comfortable work wear. Try on brands like Ministry of Supply—specifically designed to wick sweat from your body and stay dry on your bike to work.

Chunky, funky & comfortable


Wide, low heels are all the rage for their practical and stylish appeal. Walking to work in heels is nearly impossible. Bringing a pair of heels to change into at the office after you’ve walked to work in sneakers? A better deal. But why not just wear comfortably low, chunky and funky heels for a seamless all day fashion statement?

So whether you’re already sporting the latest Gucci work-appropriate sweatshirt, or the newest and sleekest pair of sneakers, this list embodies a few additions to your list of comfortable and practical workwear options you MUST add to your closet.