Unbelievable Contemporary Art: Combining Art & Tech to Create the Extraordinary

Art has evolved since its very beginning. From the invention of paint to silkscreen printing, innovation has always been at the heart. Innovation in art is moving forward at an even faster pace with 3D printing and robotics at the next focus of art’s evolution, and that’s just the beginning.

Evolved design is also at the heart of Ashley Chloe. Helix Cuff Wearable Bluetooth Headphones are an evolution of the traditional headphone. By applying a modern point of view to the constant problem of tangled headphones, Ashley Chloe created the Helix Cuff with wearable, Bluetooth technology that ends the pains of traditional headphones.

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc., Ideation Sketch of Helix Cuff

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc., Ideation Sketch of Helix Cuff

Ashley Chloe utilized art and the process of painting to begin to brainstorm the Helix Cuff’s design. With a focus on industrial design, Helix Cuff chief designer Mika Ninonen relied on art to determine the final design. After the sketching process, the challenge became implementing high quality tech into the Helix Cuff’s design. The creative process is where the Helix Cuff Wearable’s unique shape was created with a focus on usability.

With the use of modern technology, contemporary art is even more mind blowing than before. Check out these amazing evolutions in art and get inspired to create your own.

Using Robotics to Create Art

Image Credit:   badische-zeitung.de

Image Credit: badische-zeitung.de

The Vertwalker is a fantastic combination of both robotics and 3D printing. Built with 3D printed materials, the robot can hold a pen, or other material, and create entrancing patterns along a wall. One of the most exciting aspects of this art innovation is the idea of a changing exhibit. Viewers can come back in a few hours and find a completely different work of art.

The Vertwalker isn’t quite independent. While capable of drawing on its own, the Vertwalker needs new batteries and a new pen every several hours. The artistic device can now be seen in Berlin at Metropol Park.

Combining Art, Tech, and Psychology

Image Credit: XYZAtlas.org

Image Credit: XYZAtlas.org

Jennifer Chenoweth took her passion for Austin, TX and her interest in art, tech, and psychology to create the Hedonic Map of Austin. This colorful creation is the result of years of surveying Austinites for the place they fell in love, the place they felt the saddest, and more. Using colors to signify emotions, Chenoweth visualized the emotional wholeness of her city.

After a successful Kickstarter to expand projects of XYZ Atlas across the city, Chenoweth’s next venture is to expand hedonic maps into new cities. Her work is now on display at the Barton Springs Pool Bathhouse in Austin, TX.  

Changing the Way We Learn Art

Image Credit: SFgate.com

Image Credit: SFgate.com

Earlier this year, San Francisco’s MOMA released a new tour guide app in partner with the startup called Detour. Unlike many of the app’s you might have used before, this guide adjusts its descriptions to your position based on the phone’s location-sensing tech instead of guiding you around. While the app features a traditional tour, it also features a more humorous rendition voiced by actors Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani of HBO’s Silicon Valley.

This kind of evolution goes right along with the core of Ashley Chloe’s mission, to seamlessly combine performance with style and convenience. Just like the SFMOMA’s new app, Ashley Chloe creates technology that fits more naturally into your life. Wearable design lends itself to this mission and in Helix Cuff keeps headphones always on hand and always untangled.

Creating with the Ordinary

Image Credit: Bostonglobe.com

Image Credit: Bostonglobe.com

Rachel Perry is renowned for her work creating art with what many would consider to be useless. Using everyday objects from labels to twist ties and price tags, Perry comments on how daily life relates to art. Perry’s work called “Chiral Paintings” are beautifully colored canvases drawn in lines from every pen, pencil, crayon, or utensil she could find in her home.

Pictured above is Perry’s installation that still hangs on the Gardner Museum in Boston. Formed out of aluminum foil, Perry crafted the words of a particularly poetic spam message from her email.

Enlarging the Scale of Art

Using a custom crane mounted with a laser, Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebank created the project, Light Echoes. These lasers projected patterns, maps, and even Walt Whitman quotes onto rural Southern California to “collapse time and space into images which document the historical pulses of data in the form of light reflecting off earth and matter.” While lasers aren’t new to art, they are in such a large scale.

Where to Find Innovative Art Exhibitions in Your City

Seattle - Chihuly Garden and Glass

New York - DC Moore Gallery

Chicago - Expo Chicago

San Francisco - Museum of Modern Art

Los Angeles - Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Denver - Walker Fine Art

Portland - Upfor Gallery

Austin - Art on 5th

Boston - Adelson Galleries

Seeing the evolution of art is a great way to get thinking about how we can innovate everything that’s around us. Ashley Chloe is committed to bringing technology into the next evolution making things more convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Know of an incredible modern art exhibit in your city? Let us know in the comments below.

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