Wearable Tech Fashion Predictions + 4 Wearables That Will Make Your 2016 Better

The industries of fashion and technology have been colliding like never before. With major designers displaying wearables on the runway and huge companies fighting to come out with bigger and better fashion tech products, 2016 will undoubtedly be the year of wearable tech.

Wearable Tech Fashion Predictions

Unique, Just like You

As wearables and the manufacturing technology that creates them evolves, you’ll find more options to match your personal style and even one-off printing for unique designs. Wearable tech is getting more personal and flexible to fit the styles you love. Numerous companies are experimenting with unique production to offer customers one-of-a-kind products.

Wearables will Get Smarter

With fashion-forward products that fit your unique style, you’ll also find smarter tech. Every day researchers make incredible discoveries into what more wearables can do. According to Science Daily, wearable sensors will soon be able to read your facial expressions. Innovations like this will lead wearable tech to better integrate with your daily life.

Better Batteries

The age of constantly plugging your wearables in may soon come to an end. Companies are on the search for technology that will reduce your need to charge batteries in ways you’ve never thought possible. The American Chemical Society noted that first energy-generating cloth has been created. This is just the beginning of innovations that will alter the way we use our wearables. That way you can focus on wearing your fashion-forward wearable instead of plugging it in.

4 Wearables for 2016

Mezzi’s Vedova Bucket Bag

Image Credit: Mezzi

Image Credit: Mezzi

This drawstring bucket bag attracted the attention of Vogue becoming the latest must-have smart bag. The smart Mezzi Vedova Nera bag is designed to carry your tech, charge your phone and ensure you never lose your valuables with a discrete separation alert tracker. The invention of these smart bags came from their founder’s observation, “We’re all carrying around these beautiful, thoughtfully designed pieces of technology – basically pieces of art that are so important to our daily lives, yet we aren’t transporting them and carrying them in bags that are as thoughtfully designed.”

Mezzi is a classic example of fashion and function combined into something life-changing.

Helix Cuff

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

Image Credit: Ashley Chloe Inc.

The Helix™ Cuff is the world’s first wearable with extractable Bluetooth® headphones that sits your wrist. The Helix Cuff fashion wearable technology design ensures that fashion, tech and your favorite songs are always at hand. The Helix™ Cuff solves the annoying problem of dealing with tangled and easy to lose headphones in a stylish way.

The design of the Helix™ Cuff fits seamlessly into your everyday style and better yet, you’ll have high quality wireless headphones at any time you want to listen to music or make a call. It’s useful when you’re commuting, working out, unwinding, and more.


Image Credit: Chipolo

Image Credit: Chipolo

The average person spends 10 minutes a day looking for things they own but cannot find. That’s where Chipolo comes in. Chipolo is a a unique Bluetooth item finder that helps you locate your belongings. Attach the Chipolo to virtually anything – your laptop, wallet, keys, bike, even your pet. The appealing design, ultra-thin look and dynamic functionality could change your life.. or at least the way you think about your belongings.

To save time in 2016, Chipolo is a fantastic investment. You’ll have a greater peace of mind and sense of security with this little Bluetooth wonder.

The Night Runner 270

Image Credit: Night Runner 270

Image Credit: Night Runner 270

Night Runner 270 is a 270-degree shoe light that clips right onto your laces to help increase visibility during pre-dawn and post-dusk workouts. The units put out 150 lumens and are equipped with a red-facing tail light to alert motorists of your whereabouts. NR270 was a crowdfunded project on Kickstarter that has now been featured nationally on CBS, Fox News, Runner's World, Gizmag, and Competitor.

Your style matters even when you’re on a run and that’s why Night Runner 270 is a wearable you’ll need for 2016. It makes running safer and stylish. Just clip it on to your favorite running shoes and you’re ready to go.

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In conclusion, we’d like to wish you happy new year! We hope it’s filled with fun, fashion, and you fulfill your biggest dreams.