The Helix Cuff's Raving Fans


An amazing list of 400+ publications have featured the Helix Cuff. All over the world people are talking about this innovation in wearable tech. Fans love the Helix Cuff’s portability, functionality, and style. Read through our reviews and you might just want to see what the Helix Cuff is all about for yourself.

CES Innovation Awards 2016 Helix Cuff

CES Innovation Awards 2016 Honoree

Wearable Technologies


"...Helix offers a simple, surprisingly style-conscious alternative for the never ending stuggle to find a convenient place to store your earbuds and avoid losing them..."



"...delivers on value and design, while also making it's convenient to access your headphones as possible..."



"...solve the portability problem of headphones..."


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